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Wii U USB Y Cable for Self-Powered External HDD issue

As some of you may already know, certain USB self-powered external hard drive might not run stably with the Wii U due to lack of power in one USB port.

Make Your Own USB-Y Cable

A tutorial on how to make your own USB-Y cable.

DIY USB OTG with power Y cable

Connect your Portable Hard Drive to your OTG enabled android Phone or Tablet by using a power bank or a charger with 5v 1A output to power it up.

Out Of The Box USB Y Cable


Create Y-cable - To unbrick HTC and others - USE also as OTG

To user for gold card, unbrick phones, use with XTC and XTC 2 CLIP.

How to make a USB Y cable for host mode on HP TouchPad or Android

Instructions on how to build a usb y cable to use your HP TouchPad as a usb host, for keyboards, usb sticks, or camera sd cards.

What Can Smart F118 OTG Y-Cable Do? -

ly/1vqRBmt You only need one cable with you,that's the Smart F118 OTG Y-Cable.

USB 3.0 Y cable 3_22_12 (640x480).mp4

html USB 3. 0 Y-Cable converts USB 3. 0 standard A Male to USB 3. 0 Micro-B Male connector.

DIY Cable To Use OTG and Simultaneously Charge The Device (Windows and Android)

The cable has been tested to work with both Android and Windows.

OTG CABLE AND"Y" CABLE, don't forget to like the video


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USB Y Cable | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for USB Y Cable in Networking USB Cables, Hubs and Adapters. Shop with confidence.

USB - Wikipedia

USB, short for Universal Serial Bus, is an industry standard that defines cables, connectors and communications protocols for connection, communication, and power ...

Y-cable - Wikipedia

A Y-cable or Y cable is a self describing name of a type of cable containing three ends of which one is a common end that in turn leads to a split into the remaining ...

USB Cable

A high quality and stylish 3-in-1 USB Charging cable - all you need really! Offering the ability to charge three different types of mobile devices using the ame cable ...

USB to HDMI Cable Converter | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for USB to HDMI Cable Converter in DHMI Video Cables and Interconnects. Shop with confidence.

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USB cable
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Oh, yeah. You know you love the USB cable. Look at it ... so ... USB-y. Confuse your friends on Flickr by choosing the "favorite" tag for this one. Make it your desktop wallpaper. Put it on your phone....
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