Laptop desktop accessories Tablet Usb Adapter

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 USB Adapter Review

This adapter allows you to transfer files to your galaxy tab and access files using the android apps.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Micro USB adapter replaces Samsung cable for tablet

Available from China for a few $'s shipped.

Making a DIY USB OTG Adapter

How to build an adapter cable to connect your USB devices to a smartphone or a tablet via USB OTG.

BobjGear OTG Ethernet Adapter (Model 3) with Android Tablet

Connecting the BobjGear® OTG Ethernet Adapter to a Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30 Android Tablet.

make your own USB WIFI ADAPTER from old Android Tablet DIY

its the best diy project i have ever made . overhere i m salvaging/reusing the wifi adapter from old dead tablet.

How to connect PS3 controller to Tablet using usb otg adapter Review

Nexus 7 gameplay gta vice city on connecting usb otg game ps3 controller adapter Review, Note Do Not press PS button to Connect it will connect to ps3 .

Plugable USB 2.0 OTG Micro-B to 10/100 Ethernet Adapter

Click "Show more" to see the entire description.

Top 5 Ways to use USB OTG - Android

My Top 5 Ways to Use USB OTG Cables on your android phone or tablet.

Android Robot Micro USB to USB Host OTG Adapter

ly/1jgDj8E Check out • This OTG adapter applies to mobile phones (tablet computers) with OTG function.

Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter usb bluetooth adapter dongle for android tablet

How to use an Xbox One controller with your PC - Windows Central

If you don't have one of these controllers yet, they're available now in multiple colors, and prices start around $40. See at Amazon. It's easier than ever to use a controller with your PC. Here's everything you need to know. Once upon a time, Microsoft didn't support its own controllers on its own PC platform. But what if I don't have a standard USB port. It's not just desktop PCs that you can use an Xbox One controller with. It's perfectly possible to use it with a tablet too since it's a Windows 10 device. The much smaller, redesigned Xbox Wireless Adapter. You needed hacked drivers and workarounds to use the excellent Xbox One controller with PC games. Wrapping up It's now not only easy to use your Xbox One controller with a Windows 10 PC, but it's flexible, too. That's no longer the case, with official drivers built right into Windows 10. So, while it's easy to do, there's more to it than just plugging it in. Using a micro USB cable. This is particularly handy if you're using an Xbox Elite Controller, as the Xbox Accessories app allows you to customize the buttons and paddles to a layout of your choice. It's in the Windows Store to download to your PC, all you need to do is connect the controller to the PC to get started. That means you can connect it to any Windows PC, laptop or tablet that has Bluetooth built in. Open settings on your PC. Go to devices. Attach to the connector on your controller and any free USB port on your PC, and it'll automatically recognize it's there and you're good to go. Any decent cable will do the trick, even the one that you use to charge your phone. By far the simplest way to use an Xbox One controller is to use a micro USB cable. The first-generation controller and the Xbox Elite controller don't support Bluetooth, so to go wireless on your PC you'll need the dongle. The new generation Xbox One controller from Microsoft, that is the one sold with the Xbox One S and since on its own, supports Bluetooth. Either a micro USB to USB or USB-C to USB will do the trick depending on which tablet you have with which connector. Plug the adapter into the tablet and the cable from the controller into the USB end of the adapter. Even a small, cheap tablet will recognize the controller, though unlike a PC you may need to make sure it has batteries inside to turn it on and power it. To connect to a tablet without a standard USB port, you just need an adapter. Source:

Lenovo made a weird $70 Alexa speaker that only works with its Android tablets - The Verge

There’s a three-watt speaker and two microphones that Lenovo says can hear you from up to three meters away. Say hello — or rather, say “Alexa” — to the Lenovo “Home Assistant Pack. The Home Assistant doesn’t really do anything unless the tablet is attached, which seems sub-optimal. Those are the real official titles for Lenovo’s Android tablets, but you can just call any of them “Tab 4” and get away with it, I reckon. ” and “Gee what if this tablet had a really loud speaker I could plug it into. Also having a loud speaker for a tablet so you can use it to watch TV in the kitchen is another thing that makes sense. The Home Assistant Pack is the answer to two questions: “Golly what if this Echo had a screen I could detach and use as a tablet. ” It’s a $69. 99 speaker with USB port on the side, which allows you to slot in one of Lenovo’s Android tablets to make a little multimedia station, wedged in between a couple of plastic fins. So a lot of things that are awkward with just a tablet or just a smart speaker would be potentially less awkward with this set up. Except that the whole thing feels a little more awkward than just have a standalone Alexa-enabled speaker. It has a little adapter you move around so it can work with the following Lenovo tablets: Tab 4 8, Tab 4 10, Tab 4 8 Plus, and Tab 4 10 Plus. Source:

Awesome One-Size-Fits-All Cable 'MAGIBLE' Smashes Its Crowdfunded Target - Digital Journal

The benefit of this is that users will only need this one cable to stay connected. Data transfer with MAGIBLE is 30% faster thanks to the premium material it is made with. The premium tough nylon braiding material used on MAGIBLE is inherently tangle-free and extra durable. MAGIBLE is available now at the crowdfunding site Indiegogo: https://www. Hong Kong, China -- ( ReleaseWire ) -- 09/13/2017 -- Technology users have been struggling with the proliferation of cables in their lives. 24 AWG copper wires carry larger current up to 2. 4A, making MAGIBLE charges much faster than regular cables. com/projects/magible-the-one-size-fits-all-cable/x/16978233. So far, the tech company based in Hong Kong, China has received crowdfunding from over 1400 backers to develop and produce the MAGIBLE cable. com/press-releases/awesome-one-size-fits-all-cable-magible-smashes-its-crowdfunded-target-863288. The company provides a lifetime warranty covering manufacturer defects for the cable part: on the web page, users can see an SUV being pulled by this outstandingly resistant cable. MAGIBLE has OTG (on the go) functionality which can turn a USB-C smartphone into a computer. With MAGIBLE, users can also use other devices to charge their iOS or Android phone on the go. They simply plug into another phone or tablet, and use it as an extra battery. It can charge and transfer data to iOS, Android, USB and USB-C devices. They are sick of opening a desk drawer to a colossal tangle of USB, USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning cables. MAGIBLE combines USB-C, Lightning, Micro-USB, and USB into one cable. The USB-C to USB female adapter can connect basically any USB device to a smartphone, such as a keyboard, mouse, controller, flash drive, external hard drive or printer. Source:


USB Adapter for Tablet | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for USB Adapter for Tablet in Cell Phone Cables and Adaptors. Shop with confidence.

Tablet Chargers, Adapters & Cables | Portable USB Chargers ...

Shop Tablet Chargers & Adapters at Staples. Choose from our wide selection of Tablet Chargers & Adapters and get fast & free shipping on select orders.

usb ethernet adapter - Staples®

Ethernet adapter for quickly adding a 10/100 Mbps fast Ethernet to your desktop; Comes with a suspend mode that helps to save energy while the device is not in use

Jack to USB Adapter | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for Jack to USB Adapter in iPod Cables and Adapters. Shop with confidence.

Targus USB Multi-Display Adapter - Black (previously ...

Connect your laptop, tablet & phone to TV’s, External Monitors & Projectors effortlessly Extend device connectivity by converting a single USB port Converts USB ...

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