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A quick and cheap way to make a tablet tripod mount for making movies.

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Recorded and edited on an iPad mini.

DIY: How to make a homemade tripod for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Mini, Android, Phone (under $1)

Today, I show you how to create a tripod for under $1. MERCHANDISE.

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Today I will show you how you can make an almost free tripod/ device holder from just some cardboard Music CPUmodder Steam: .

Smartphone & Tablet Tripod Mount

I wanted a tripod mount for my Samsung Galaxy S4. This tripod and phone mount work great.

Ipow iPad Tripod Mount Adapter Universal Tablet Clamp Holder Review

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iPad Pro 10.5" / 12.9" / 9.7" Universal Tablet Tripod Mount Adapter

to/2uonKkC - Safe and Secure the iShot G10 Pro iPad Universal Tablet Tripod Mount will fit any tablet from.

Mount iPad or Galaxy Tablet on Tripod, Studio Stand or Arm for Photogaphy or Film

The Tether Tools Connect and Studio Proper Wallee Modular Accessory Case seamlessly integrate the Apple iPad and Galaxy Tab 10. 1 into the photography.

Raking Tablet Tripod (amazon)

This video is about Raking Tablet Tripod (amazon)

DIY Smart Phone and Tablet Tripod for New Youtubers

I know camera gear is getting pretty expensive these days and it is really hard to be constantly buying new equipment.

Insta360 ONE Hands On - What a 360 Camera Should Look Like - HuffPost

) which is housed next to a ¼ 20 tripod mount. As someone who recently tested the Nikon Keymission 360 with potentially the worst companion app ever created, this was the moment I really appreciated the capabilities of the ONE 360 camera. Once attached, it automatically paired with my phone and in a few short seconds, I was able to download and view photos/videos, access my settings, and share my results. The ONE even comes bundled with a solid rubberized plastic case that also doubles as a small tripod or handle. You can also shoot timelapse 360 video, and the camera settings allowed manual control of ISO, shutter, white balance, and more. In a world with limited 360 support, this allowed me to take advantage of 360 recording without limiting where the video can be shared and posted. The included app also allows you to shift perspective in real time from standard perspective views to fish eye and tiny planet creative viewpoints. The Insta360 ONE is filled with creative features adding a much more useful element to a 360 camera. Another feature teased a few weeks ago is the Bullet time which allows capture of a 240fps slow motion shot where the ONE circles around you to create an amazing effect keeping you at the center of the frame. The ability to instantaneously change perspective, retouch your images and video with filters, get creative with stickers and fun tools, create snapshots, and easily share the results effortlessly within the app deserves applause. With the ability to shoot RAW DNG (another missing feature on most other 360 cameras) I was able to edit and fine tune my photos in post or using the built-in app using included filters. When it comes to hardware, the ONE feels very well made and has some great features to go along with it. The first is a pop up Lightning port for connecting to your phone or tablet without having to worry about cables. On the video side, 4k capture meant some of the best quality I have seen from a pocketable 360 camera and the ability to even shoot LOG meant plenty of room to edit in post for pros. This is possible because the ONE uses on board 6 axis image stabilization in combination with 240fps slow motion interpolation (the camera shoots 120fps natively) to create this effect. The build quality is great, image quality is about the best you will find in a pocket camera, and the functionality and features made 360 useful where many others have failed. Insta360 also has a free desktop app for working with 360 images and video although the PC version I was using tended to crash when loading videos. A technology called FreeCapture allows you to translate and adjust spherical video after recording and export this video into a standard 1080p video that can be shared anywhere. With this standard tripod mount, the ONE easily went everywhere with me attaching to tripods and other devices for setting up almost everywhere. With the pop out lightning connector, I was able to connect with the app in seconds and view or share my 360 video in a variety of ways and the quality, manual features, raw shooting, and easy interface with tripods and other devices made the... Source:

Minimal style meets versatility in these new camera backpacks by ... - Digital Trends

The Hadley Roamer is the largest backpack in the series, with a capacity between 17-20 liters, thanks to an expandable drawstring top. All three bags are expected to retail for $220. Early backers could pick up a backpack for pledges starting at $150 if the crowdfunding is successful. The inserts can be swapped in and out through either the main access at the rear of the backpack or the quick-access points. The company says the bags are designed for all-day comfort with padded back panels and contour-padded straps. The Hadley Scout has the most conservative design of the three, the company says, with two large vertical pockets on the front of the bag. Brevite, the Boston-based bag company, is heading back to Kickstarter with three new camera backpacks that feature minimalist designs and versatile carry solutions. The top-loading backpack also has tote handles at the top for easily switching from backpack wear to handheld. Exterior pockets organize smaller accessories at the front of the bag while straps at the bottom allow for carrying around a tripod or similarly-sized item, like a yoga mat. Along with the removable camera inserts, each bag has a padded laptop sleeve for up to a 15-inch laptop or a tablet. The bag’s no-seam design creates a more minimalist look, while also allows the bag to fold flat to tuck into a suitcase. Each of the three bags includes a modular camera insert with dividers for accommodating gear, which can fit one-to-two camera bodies and two-to-three lenses. With the Hadley series, Brevite continues their removable inserts from previous bags , allowing the bags to adapt from photography gear carrier to an everyday backpack. Source:

Will the solar eclipse destroy my smartphone or digital camera? -

But, do not look through the camera to view the eclipse. But, do not look through the camera to view the eclipse. On the other hand, some newer smartphones have larger and faster lenses (f/1. 7 to f/2. 0), which could result in damage if pointed at the sun, both during the eclipse and any other time. Using optical filters to photograph the eclipse when you are not on the path of totality, which will be nowhere near Pennsylvania, is inherently risky because you are looking at the blindingly bright solar surface. In addition, smartphone cameras "come equipped with UV filters that cut down on some of the visible light landing on the sensor chip," and "they automatically set their exposures for very short times. For even more tips, check out this NASA tip sheet to photographing the solar eclipse. Beyond potential damage to your electronics, attempting to photograph the eclipse greatly increases your chance of accidently glimpsing it with your naked eye and damaging your vision. For an additional layer of protection on your smartphone camera, you can use one of the ISO-certified eclipse-viewing glasses to cover the lens. Practice photographing the full moon to get an idea of how large the sun-in-eclipse will appear with your smartphone's lens, or with a telephoto lens attachment, or with your digital camera. Attempting to photograph the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, probably won't damage your smartphone camera, but it could, according to NASA. Set up your smartphone on a tripod or a wrap-around mounting so you can fix the angle of the shot before the eclipse starts. With digital cameras, most have an automatic mode that automatically reduces the exposure speed and increase the f/stop, and, according to NASA, "this will not harm the camera. NASA recommends covering the lens with a solar filter, which will provide some protection - you also want to wear ISO-certified eclipse viewing glasses - and eliminate "sun blooming" to give you a clear image of the solar disk. The space agency's guide to photographing the eclipse notes that lenses on smartphone cameras are "generally very small (about 2 millimeters) and do not admit enough light" to damage the camera. Pennsylvania guide to the solar eclipse August 21 What will we see in Pennsylvania during the 2017 solar eclipse. Take a time-lapse photo series of the scenery as the light dims with the smartphone or camera secured on a tripod or other mounting so that you can watch the eclipse while your camera photographs the scenery. Here's how the solar eclipse could damage your eyes Vendors may be selling fake solar eclipse glasses 15 things you don't know about solar eclipses Scientists are creating an eclipse 'megamovie': How you can help Source:

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Tablet Tripod Mount Adapter iKross 7 - 10.2 inch Tablet Universal Camera Tripod Mount Adapter Fits iPad Air 2,... Easily attach & secure mount your tablet to any Tripod without any tool. Gimars 5 - 12” Screen 2 in 1 Phone iPad Tripod Mount Adapter Universal Tablet Clamp Holder Fits iPad Air Pro,...

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Vastar Universal Tablet iPad Tripod Mount Holder Adapter with 5 Extra Friction Pads, 12.5-20 cm Adjustable Width for Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air 1, 2, 3, iPad Mini ...

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Tablet Stands. Electronics. iPad & Tablets. Tablet Accessories. All Tablet Accessories. ... Product - Portable iPad Tablet Tripod Adjustable Stand, ...

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