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Battery - Solar Battery Options

This video will review some of the best practices for battery selection.

How I Size Solar Battery Bank and Solar Panels - How Many Batteries? How Many Solar Panels?

now we know how much load we will have on a typical day being drawn from our solar batteries its time to determine how large of a battery bank we need.

What Type Of Batteries To Use For Solar

In this video, I explain what type of batteries you should be using for your solar panel system.

The Best Battery for Off Grid and Solar Systems - Nickel Iron NiFe Edison Battery - "Tarrin it Up"

The most difficult problem with off-grid living, solar, and wind power systems is the batteries.

Cheap Lithium Solar Batteries for Home with Price

In this video, Cheap Lithium Solar Batteries for Home are listed.

Off grid battery upgrade!

My company West Coast Sustainables installed a new Iron Edison 800 Ah battery bank on an exsisting Outback off the grid power system.

LightHarvest Solars Lithium battery for our urban off-grid solar showroom in Portland.

Lightharvest Solar has officially entered the age of LITHIUM, and we're never going back.

How To Size Your Off Grid Battery Bank Capacity For Solar - Math Warning!

Properly sizing a battery bank is like black magic.

How to hook up Solar Panels (with battery bank) - simple 'detailed' instructions - DIY solar system

shows how to hook up solar panels (with a battery bank).

Sams club golf cart battery for solar battery (Duracell GC2 6 volt batteries)

Review of Sam's club batteries for solar power use.

Trojan Battery adds flooded batteries to solar deep-cycle line - Golf Course Industry Magazine

Stare at a part of your course. Believe the scenes on your course. “We are insured and bonded and have experience working with FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] and insurers. The hopper on the SandCat itself can hold roughly half-a-ton of sand at a time. The pursuit of fun also produces millions of jobs. Bunkers are too numerous and deep, and hitting from one is akin to slamming an axe into a tree stump. Are venues such as Oakmont, Winged Foot and Pebble Beach no longer fun. “So, if guys are looking to firm up their greens, it definitely helps in that situation. The SandCat represents the latest technological advancement in efforts to provide perfect putting surfaces. Landscapes Unlimited can assist with clubhouse and infrastructure issues as well. Approached with the proper perspective, the jobs can be fulfilling and, well, fun. Golfers will tolerate fairways and tees that are a little spotty, but will cringe at the site of putting surfaces that are in less than peak condition. It gobbles overpriced golf balls. “I would encourage anyone to reach out to us, whether you’ve worked with Landscapes before or not,” Kubly said. Instead of occupying a confined cubicle or spot on a line, workers roam 100-plus acres of mostly green swaths. “The root is the bully on the farm so to speak,” he says. For us, having so many clients, friends and employees in these areas has really brought home the magnitude of what has happened. In Florida, contact the company’s Florida Regional Office. “And that’s usually what will keep a root shallow and short because it runs into the compaction. Skirting complacency, rather than fearmongering, will protect golf’s future. Rounds last five hours, somebody once accidentally hit a ball toward somebody else and a four-putt wrecked a quality approach shot. Kubly said that his firm’s national footprint means there are LU resources and programs available that can commit equipment, staff and/or materials to planning and remediation efforts. Kimball points out that it’s imperative to periodically break up the thatch and other material that periodically builds up beneath the surface. Everybody working in this industry, from big-name architects to retirees mowing greens, can thank the three-letter word. It was introduced in North America, where it’s distributed by AQUA-AID, a little over five years ago. But declaring today’s facilities as fun-stealing bullies doesn’t benefit anybody except those wooed by muddled personal marketing. Corey Kimball of St. John’s Turf Care in St. Augustine, Fla. Imants, which is headquartered in the Netherlands, introduced the root pruner that bears its name roughly a decade-and-a-half ago. The SandCat can be used on fairways and tees, but its most commonly found on greens and approaches. They are also less inclusive and more expensive than playing once a week at the local municipal course. Or, even worse, these greenmudgeons sell projects and around the concept golf is a torturous activity. Shout the following: “Golf is fun. The courses they bemoan possess similarities to the ones they strive to play on a regular basis. It allows the water to not only perc down, but also perc sideways, meaning perc off the green. Golf exists because of money devoted to fun. Kimball notes that the channels allow the turf’s root system to thrive. An ego-boost can also be fun, so fewer green-hugging bunkers and wider fairways fit into the future, too. “Everyone in Texas and Florida is in our thoughts and prayers, but we feel there is a lot more we can do to assist as facilities and operations get their feet beneath them,” Kubly said. The roots will shrink and they will not grow and you have weak turf in these birdbath areas, with algae developing. The Houston metropolitan area is home to several key employees and their families, including company president Kurt Huseman and long-time general superintendent James Goebel. It also helps with drainage, because again, you’re cutting a channel from one side of the green to the other. Playing the neighborhood course beats waiting in line at the grocery store, fighting traffic or sorting emails in an office. “You’re going to cut some different roots that may not have gotten affected the first time. It won’t go through it. If you’re busting it up and giving it a clear channel to go through, it will keep following that channel. Golf never stopped being fun. Mounted on a tractor, the Imants RootPruner cuts roots to 4 inches in diameter to a depth of 10 inches. The golf industry employees nearly two million Americans. Pilcher says he works with superintendents who have excess roots removed annually. Smart courses will become better facilities, using technology and the industry’s vast brainpower to their advantage. Pilcher says dealing with root issues has a profound impact on turf health. A prominent architect recently told a consumer publication, “The future of golf is fun. A segment of the industry seems to think fun needs injected into golf. Azalea City Golf Course in Mobile, Ala. “In that spirit, we’re looking to extend the LU pool of resources from our four business units – construction, irrigation, management and maintenance – to answer questions or fill in gaps regarding short-term repairs, revamping of damaged... The axiom “You can grow grass or you can grow trees, but not both” is often heard in the turf industry. But superintendents have an effective tool, the Imants RootPruner, to help them maintain healthy turf while at the same time preserving the trees that members revere. “We had the contractor come in and go around between the fairway and the tree line and make one pass on each hole,” Aaron says. We have many, many relationships down there in Texas, and the same holds true for Florida, where several of our employees make their homes, as well. The greenmudgeons insist a golf course is no longer a diversion. Trees often add to the ambiance of a golf course. “Thankfully, all our Texas and Florida families are safe,” Kubly said, “but we’ve done a lot of business in those affected areas over the years. Earlier this year, superintendent Brian Aaron approached Jeff Pilcher of St. John’s Turf Care in St. Augustine, Fla. Kimball says that periodically breaking compacted sub-surface areas on a regular basis is a desirable alternative to rebuilding a green. Here’s what greenmudgeons rarely mention: golf courses are arguably the most scenic and soothing recreational landscapes. “They’ll see a massive change if they come back the next year and don’t run it in exactly the same lines and run it maybe 20 feet in one direction or the other,” he says. Developed in the Netherlands by Imants and distributed in North America by AQUA-AID, the SandCat creates sub-surface sand channels that improve drainage and break up compacted areas and layers of thatch. Millions of fun-seekers will continue visiting courses of all varieties – even ones with tight fairways, ultra-slick greens and forced carries. The game has swelled to provide a $70 billion economic impact because 24 million Americans play it. The country supports more golf courses than McDonald’s restaurants. “Maybe you do it twice a year, maybe with a 20-foot difference, or 30-foot difference, or 50-foot, or whatever. “It gives the root a core space to grow healthy in – to thrive and grow down because there is no compaction for it to compete against,” he says. Ask a golf course superintendent what their top agronomic priority is and the answer is almost sure to involve maintaining greens. Four-putting an Oakmont green or spending six hours meandering Pebble Beach are exhilarating experiences, yet they aren’t the only forms of fun in golf. Golf reached America in the late 1880s, experienced a Golden Age, endured a wicked depression, boosted national morale during World War II, emerged as a television sensation, helped sell millions of homes and endured another wicked depression. , both Southeast Texas and Florida is home to many LU-constructed or renovated golf courses and sports facilities. Over years and years of topdressing, they create a dam effect so the water at the surface drains and stops right there at that collar,” Kimball says. , a busy 18-hole public facility owned by the City of Mobile supporting 45,000 rounds annually, has been plagued by root issues since Hurricane Frederic obliterated its tree lines in 1979. What the storm took out, the city replaced with pine trees. “They didn’t do anything for the roots from where they pruned back to the tree, but from the point they pruned back out to the fairway, it eliminated most of those roots plus it greatly impacted the turf. Bill Kubly, company founder and board member of the Golf Course Builders Association of America Foundation, announced this week that Landscapes Unlimited will bolster resources to assist in the assessment and formulation of short-term and... “Trojan’s new Solar branded line enables our partners to capture additional market share and increase installations in various types of renewable energy applications. When the weather cooperates, employees leave a golf course in better condition than they found it. The clientele, in most cases, acts pleasant because the courses represents a diversion. In addition, the Trojan Solar flooded line includes the Industrial and Premium products which feature Trojan’s proprietary Smart Carbon formula. Smart Carbon addresses the effects of partial state of charge in applications where batteries are heavily cycled and often never fully recharged on a regular basis, a common occurrence in solar power systems. “Do it twice a year and you would be able to dilute (the root zone profile) over three years or so, get a new profile and putting a new profile down without having to rebuild,” he says. Golf course owners, managers and superintendents, sports field managers and municipal golf/parks managers are encouraged to reach out directly to Landscapes Unlimited’s Texas Office. And, yes, golf courses will easily outnumber TopGolf facilities in 2050. . Imperfections exist everywhere, so expect well-intentioned tweaks to elevate golf courses. Golf course builder Landscapes Unlimited has mobilized a task force dedicated to remediating the damage done to Houston-area golf courses, clubhouses and sports-field facilities by Hurricane Harvey, while also standing ready for those Floridians... With its non-spillable design, the new Trojan Solar AGM batteries enable installers to customize the use and position of the batteries in customer applications, and are certified for non-hazardous shipping per U. S. DOT/IATA regulations. If we can eliminate that surface root stealing from the turfgrass … It really doesn’t affect the tree at all because it’s got way more deeper roots feeding it. ”. Aaron says facilities that choose to invest in the RootPruner might trim their roots... Trojan’s new flooded solar batteries are tested up to a 17-year design life under IEC 61427 standard for solar batteries, and designed by Trojan’s engineering team specifically for solar and other renewable energy applications. In support of its global solar market strategy and to meet the growing demand for solar batteries, Trojan Battery has expanded its solar deep-cycle battery offerings with the addition of its new Solar flooded battery models. The new deep-cycle flooded solar batteries join Trojan Solar AGM products which were announced in May 2017. The Solar AGM batteries offer a three-year warranty for stationary applications, and tested up to an eight-year design life under IEC 61427... Trojan’s new Solar line is manufactured in the U. S. . “Trojan has added deep-cycle flooded batteries to its new Solar line to better expand on market opportunities worldwide in the growing solar energy storage industry segment,” said Ganesh... Source:

Battery and Solar Costs Are Still Falling Fast—and Decision-Makers Are Using Woefully Old Data - Greentech Media

We'll also discuss some other examples of faulty data being used for energy-planning decisions. In this episode, we talk about the questionable analysis behind the Puente natural gas plant in Southern California. The cost of lithium-ion batteries and solar PV have come down precipitously since then. It's difficult to keep up with cost and performance trends for technologies like batteries and solar PV. It's particularly hard for regulators and policymakers, who often rely on outdated analysis. The latest example comes from California, where the California Independent System Operator is using three-year-old data on battery and solar costs as it evaluates alternatives to a natural gas peaker plant. Source:

Trends Shaping the Energy Storage Inverter Market: Falling Prices, Fragmentation, New Features - Greentech Media

Source: The Energy Storage Inverter Landscape. FIGURE: The Global Energy Storage Inverter Landscape. however, pricing has tracked downward toward PV inverter pricing levels over the past year. Unlike PV modules, batteries vary significantly by chemistry and intended application. Most inverter manufacturers target just one or two applications, and only a few have a full range of energy storage offerings. Here are five of the key trends shaping the energy storage inverter market. Yet the landscape for energy storage inverters remains nascent and fragmented, full of new products with varying applications and functionality. Falling prices Storage inverter pricing will fall rapidly over the next several years. Integrated solutions Inverter vendors will continue to develop integrated energy storage solutions. Partnerships are key to scaling Partnerships will be the primary path to battery and inverter product standardization. Storage inverter prices will always be more expensive than PV inverters due to the electrical equipment needed for bidirectionality. Thus, as the energy storage industry looks to scale, battery and inverter partnerships will be critical to standardizing system components. Battery inverter communication standards development is underway by organizations such as MESA and SunSpec, but these efforts do not normalize battery characteristics for universal application. While many third-party integrators have emerged to integrate inverters and batteries into storage systems, many inverter vendors have taken on this role as well. In a new report, The Energy Storage Inverter Landscape , we highlight the biggest challenges for storage inverter manufacturers, identify characteristics of successful vendors, and note key trends in the growing market. Because of their current price premium and ongoing standardization, we expect energy storage inverter prices to fall between 12 and 15 percent per year over the next five years, compared to likely price declines of 10 to 12 percent per year in the... Battery integration is the lowest-hanging fruit, but given limited value-add for hardware integration and the strict control requirements of storage, most inverter vendors developing integrated products will focus on software and energy storage... AC-coupled architectures for solar-plus-storage Multi-port hybrid inverters for solar-plus-storage will continue to hit the market. However, as the market grows, the vast majority of solar-plus-storage systems will be alternating-current coupled and contain distinct inverters for solar and battery storage. Source:


Sukam Solar Batteries

Su-kam’s state of the art solar batteries are designed for use with Su-kam solar systems are built to last longer enough to be used in any weather condition.

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Solar battery charging station, panels
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Rainy days in late September in Moscow. This photo has been taken from the inner square of building of The Russian Academy of Sciences. Muscovites called this skyscraper built in early 90's as "Golden...
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Solar charging setup
This is a solar charging set-up I have assembled for my portable solar panel. On the right a PV charge controller (MP3722) from Jaycar electronics $200. It''s connected to the portable solar panel and regulates the...
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