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A history of Samsung's Android design

us/galaxys7 | Buy the Galaxy S7 Edge: http://geni.

Samsung Galaxy S8 first look!

Here's our hands-on with these giant Android phones, which have tall screens and Samsung's new.

Samsung Gear Sport and Fit 2 Pro first look

At IFA 2017, Samsung focused on fitness wearables with its two major launches being an upgrade to the Gear Fit2 and an all-new Gear smartwatch in the form .

Samsung's New Gear To Keep You Fit [Hands-On]

Samsung's Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and Icon X are all variations of designs we've seen before.

Samsung IFA 2017 Press Conference In Germany: See Samsung's New Smartwatch Announcement | TIME

The company is widely expected to show a new wearable gadget, such as a new smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Unpacked (Full Replay)

Do bigger things.

2014 Samsung Flexible OLED Display Phone and Tab Concept

Samsung Flexible Display Phone and Tab Concept samsung flexible phone samsung flexible tablet samsung flexible.

Samsung's Gear VR in the real world

The Gear VR is the first big virtual reality headset that people can actually buy and use.

Samsung Official TVC: Ostrich

" Samsung believes the only way to achieve the impossible is by refusing to accept anything is.

Samsung May Have Outdone Apple's Announcement With Their Foldable Smartphone - Architectural Digest

Koh would only say that there are still “several hurdles” to overcome, but figuring out how to incorporate rigid hardware components and working around competitor LG’s patent on a foldable tablet concept look to be two of them. There’s no telling when the rumored “Galaxy Note X” will launch, but Koh implied he’s willing to push back the phone’s release date if the cutting-edge flexible display isn’t ready. While the South Korean consumer electronics company has incorporated curved displays into some of its TVs and mobile handsets, creating a truly collapsable display will be a bigger challenge. As long as this Galaxy Note installment doesn’t spontaneously combust, it’ll go a long way toward restoring Samsung’s image as a smartphone innovator. At a news conference, Samsung’s Koh Dong-Jin told reporters the company plans to release a Galaxy Note model with a foldable display sometime in 2018. While rumors of a handset with a bendable OLED screen have swirled since Samsung produced a... Source:

One big winner from Apple's next iPhone could be its arch-rival - Quartz

LG is reportedly in talks with Apple to make and sell OLED screens for the company, but it currently lacks the necessary machinery and won’t be ready until 2019, analysts tell Bloomberg. Access to more OLED screen suppliers would give Apple more bargaining power over Samsung, and perhaps help cut the price of its display units. But right now, Samsung is the only company capable of manufacturing high-quality OLED screens at the scale that Apple needs. Japan Display, which gets more than half of its LCD screen orders from Apple, also won’t be able to start mass-producing OLED screens until 2019 , and is undergoing a major restructuring to prepare for the shift. Source:

Samsung's Size Could Make It Tough to Keep Its Leader in Prison - New York Times

In some ways, his sentence reflects frustration from South Koreans outraged that his father, Lee Kun-hee, twice avoided prison despite his convictions. Other top business South Korean leaders have avoided conviction, negotiated light sentences or been allowed to run their corporate empires from prison. He wanted to get a dishwasher from Samsung, he said, but it did not sell a size that fit in his kitchen. “Until the Galaxy was released, my American friends thought Samsung was Japanese,” he said. Part of that power comes from the sheer breadth of the Samsung business. Samsung, with its world-famous Galaxy brand of smartphones, represented an example of that success. Kim said the bribery trial had soured his view of Samsung, though he would still buy the brand. Should Samsung stumble while Mr. Lee is in prison, public pressure could mount to free him. Samsung sponsors some of South Korea’s highest-achieving athletes, and many children of the elite seek employment there. But even behind bars, Mr. Lee could still hold effective control over the Samsung empire. Samsung’s brands in general enjoy a reputation for quality in a country that for decades struggled to cast off one for cheap manufacturing. Samsung built scores of apartment complexes around the country under brand names that included Raemian, which means “may the future be beautiful and comfortable. Samsung was also among the first major businesses to offer name-brand apartments. The sentence could put greater pressure on front-line Samsung executives like Kwon Oh-hyun, head of the company’s huge and profitable semiconductor business. Daniel Lee, who works as a staff member for a university in Seoul and just got married, turned to Samsung for almost every appliance in his apartment, including a TV, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, air-conditioner and... A South Korean court on Friday shocked the country by sentencing Lee Jae-yong, the third-generation de facto leader of one of the world’s largest business empires, to five years in prison after his conviction of bribery, embezzlement and other... Samsung is among a group of family-run companies called chaebol, “rich clan” in Korean. Samsung is South Korea ’s No. 1 brand and, when all its products are added together, its single biggest export. “It’s high time to think hard about whether the chaebol system is the right one for Korea,” said Yoo-Kyung Park, director at APG Asset Management, the investment manager of the Dutch pension fund that holds stakes in Samsung companies. His father, Samsung’s longtime chief, was twice convicted of crimes and twice pardoned by a South Korean president. But to many South Koreans, Samsung and its many corporate offshoots symbolize the country’s rise from war and poverty to become one of the original Asian economic success stories. Kim On-soo, 30-year-old administrative staff member of a university in the South Korean city of Daejeon, said he had been taught from an early age that the more South Korean companies exported, the better it was for the country. They are among the companies that South Korea’s pre-democratic military rulers partnered with to build a global exporting powerhouse after the Korean War — a partnership that South Korean school textbooks credit with helping the country’s rise. Other South Korean companies have been run by powerful family members behind bars, and Mr. Lee will most likely have significant access to top Samsung executives while in prison. “I’ve had good experiences with Samsung products and customer service,” said Mr. Lee, who is no relation to the Samsung-controlling family. SEOUL, South Korea — This is a partial list of the businesses of Samsung, the South Korean business empire: smartphones, microchips, insurance, gas ovens, hospitals, dishwashers, cargo ships, stocks, microwave ovens, apartment buildings, vacuum... “Samsung is the No. 1 brand of Korea, one we’re proud of,” said Cho Wung-ki, a 78-year-old retired businessman, whose son works at a Samsung company that provides engineering services, runs resorts and owns a fashion line. Samsung portrays Mr. Lee, the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics and its acting leader since his father slipped into a coma three years ago, as the company’s strategic visionary, though experts say the businesses are generally run by technocrats. Source:


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