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Eero 2: An Even Better WiFi Mesh Blanket for Your Home :: Tech ... - Paste Magazine

Eero is capable of 2. 4Mbps on the lower 2. 4GHz band, and it can reach speeds up to 600Mbps on the higher 5GHz bands. The Beacons don’t include an Ethernet port, so if you have a Beacon mounted in a room with devices that require a wired Internet connection, you’ll be out of luck. And similar to WiFi repeaters, Beacons help extend the reach of your home’s WiFi signal. Users won’t have any say in network prioritization, choosing which node to connect devices to or which band to use, a design choice made by Eero to favor simplicity over robust control. For most users, this automatic setup will not only be fine, but will also help reduce the headaches in understanding more advanced router management. Additionally, the optional subscription promises more parental controls and security, but adds to the price of an already premium router. By having a single mesh network, you will avoid having multiple WiFi network IDs created by repeaters. However, because of the construction of my door—a piece of solid wood that’s sandwiched between two plates of metal—my router was not able to reach Ring unless it was in very close proximity to the device. If you can relinquish some control of your network configuration to Eero’s smart app, then the system delivers solid performance and is an excellent investment in keeping your home blanketed with a strong WiFi signal. Prior to using Eero, I would live my Asus-branded router in my office, which isn’t too far away from my front door. Unlike bulkier routers with spidery tentacle-like antennas, Eero doesn’t need to be hidden away out of sight with its low profile design and minimalist aesthetics. For example, Netgear’s three-pack tri-band Orbi router system retails for $449 and a two-pack system goes for $399 at Best Buy. Although more expensive, the Pro system gives you a wired Ethernet port on each router, allowing you more flexibility for a wired Internet connection compared to Beacons. This system comes with an Eero router and two Beacons. The Beacon shares a similar puck-like form factor as the Eero router, and you won’t find any ghastly antennas poking out. That means the new second generation Eero comes on a box that’s simply labeled Eero. To accomplish the task of blanketing your home with a strong WiFi signal, Eero is available in three standard configurations, depending on the size of your home. Linksys’s tri-band Velop with three routers retail for $499, while Google’s dual-band Wifi costs $259 at Best Buy with the current promotion. With Beacon, Ring gains a more reliable and robust connection regardless of where the Eero router is placed. Given Eero’s already premium price targets compared to some of its rivals in the space, I wish the company included Eero Pro into some of the pricier configurations. Smaller homes, with one to two bedrooms, will be fine with the $149 configuration, which comes with a single Eero router. A $499 Pro model is designed for large homes and comes with three Eero routers. The Eero app helps you get your home network up and started, and it even offers suggestions on the best placement for your Beacon based on some sample home configurations. For early smart home adopters, Eero is also hedging its bet on the still nascent Thread wireless protocol for connecting smart home devices. Another benefit of having both the router and the Beacon under the same mesh network is that Eero can dynamically reroute traffic based on congestion and signal strength. For basic needs, Eero’s Beacons work extremely well in connecting devices in my house where my old WiFi router could not reach. Samsung’s competing dual-band Connect Home mesh networking router, for example, supports both Zigbee and Z-Wave, which may make it more useful today. Eero’s second-generation router lives up to its claims of delivering a simpler, faster, better home networking solution. If a Beacon gets disconnected, Eero can reroute your traffic to the main router or to another Beacon, so your devices won’t get knocked offline. And unlike many traditional home routers, these mesh networks also come with a smartphone app, giving you greater flexibility and control of your network. Eero had started the home mesh network revolution when it launched its eponymous mesh router a year ago. Now, Eero is back with a second generation mesh router that promises to be sleeker while delivering better performance thanks to a new mesh networking chipset and a tri-band wireless radio. Like Nest, which brought smart thermostats mainstream, Eero’s idea— and success in the space—have been replicated by rivals, and the market is now saturated with competing products from traditional router manufacturers, like Linksys, to newer... As the brand that helped to bring mesh networking mainstream to consumers, Eero is an excellent option if you’re looking to upgrade from a standard router to a mesh network. With the app, you’ll also be able to access some of Eero’s more advanced features, like establishing a guest network, useful for when you don’t want to give visitors access to your network’s credentials, or signing up for the optional Eero Plus... The main Eero WiFi router is connected to your modem, and the Beacons are placed at different locations throughout the home to give your home strong coverage no matter where you are. However, whereas each WiFi repeater will create its own network, the Beacon operates on the same WiFi network as the main Eero router. I didn’t have the first generation Eero to test Eero’s claims that the second generation model is up to twice as fast as the original, but the Eero 2 delivered fast, reliable connectivity in my tests. Like WiFi repeaters, the Eero Beacon is compact—half the size of the Eero router—and plugs directly into your wall outlet. To complement the Eero router and to augment the WiFi signal in your home, Eero also created Beacons. Eero joins mesh competitors Netgear and Linksys with the addition of tri-band support to its mesh networking system—Google’s WiFi, like last year’s Eero, only offers dual-band support. If you’re an owner of a smart home and want to simplify the number of devices in your home, Samsung’s Connect Home system combines a Z-Wave and Zigbee hub with a mesh WiFi router. Through routers and beacons, Eeros blanket your home with a strong WiFi signal, giving your PCs, tablets, streaming boxes, smart home gadgets, smartphones and other devices access to a strong signal. Performance of the Beacon isn’t quite as strong as the Eero router, but Eero claims that the second generation Beacon is more powerful than the original. Essentially, the Connect Home combines a mesh router with Samsung-owned SmartThings smart home hub into one device, simplifying smart home connectivity. When hooked up to my cable modem, despite the number of devices I have connected on my home network—which includes multiple video streaming boxes, multiple PCs, smart home devices and other WiFi connected accessories—speeds were consistently high,... Samsung’s three-pack dual-band Connect Home router is priced at $279 after discounts at Best Buy, while the company’s more advanced Connect Home Pro is available in a single-pack for $179. On top of the hardware, Eero also introduced Eero Plus, a... Source:

The Best Routers for Time Warner Cable/Spectrum Internet - Gazette Review

The Motorola 16×4 AC1900 is equipped with a Wireless Power Boost, which allows for the wireless signal to boost and become stronger. as mentioned above, the dual band network range allows for the 5. 0 GHz frequency to really shine in terms of how flawless anything is. For example, you can stream a 4K movie on the same network, a file that is usually dozens of gigabytes, with... However, both units do come equipped with 4 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet ports (needless to say, the modem-only unit comes with just two plugs) with no USB port. However, since this unit is just a router, it can be considered the most significantly powerful item on this list. Three specially shaped antennae sit on the back of the router, which is perfect for increasing the signal strength and coverage of your home network. As this is a Netgear product, it also comes with the proprietary Netgear Genie App, which makes installation and security a breeze. For those looking for a fast, secure wireless connection without many bells and whistles, the Surfboard might just be the perfect router for you. the Netgear AC1600 is not able to dual band like its big brother, but has impressive 680 Mbps bandwidth speed that is guaranteed to work with Time Warner Cable/Spectrum, as well as many other ISPs (interestingly enough, not Verizon, AT&T or... The Motorola 16×4 is well worth the price of $177. 94 (pulled from Amazon) since it functions as both a router and modem. The Arris SBG7580, also known as the Surfboard, is a very powerful little router/modem combo. However, for someone who is looking for a cheap router for their home, dorm, or whatever purpose, the D-Link AC1200 shouldn’t be discounted for its cheap price. the Netgear Genie App comes loaded with many wizards for configuring your router in a specific way from your phone or desktop, or if you need to check on your security settings while away from your network. ) The Netgear AC1600 is also equipped with a Docsis 3. 0 cable modem, which again means that you can save a ton of money on modem rental fees. while the AC1900 will cost you upwards of $200, the AC1600 only costs around $130 (again from Amazon). D-Link AC1200 One last item on this list, and this item is more of the budget variant of any routers listed above. However, the AC1750 is definitely an enthusiast’s router and comes with all sorts of bells and whistles, including hosting more than a gigabit of bandwidth for a wired network. The Netgear AC1750 comes with the proprietary Netgear Up app, which is mostly an install wizard that guides you through setting up your home network however you would like. The D-link AC1200 is solely a router unit and does not come equipped with a modem or DOCSIS software. For those looking for a smart home experience, the AC1750 is natively compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa, which allows for Alexa to perform network diagnostics and essentially “speak” with the router. The modem portion works with Time Warner Cable/Spectrum and numerous other ISPs, although there are a few complaints that the router takes a bit of time to be recognized by the ISP. The Netgear AC1900 is also equipped with 8 powered ethernet slots at 10/100/1000 speed, which makes it the perfect hub to wire your home network on. There is also a built-in USB port that allows for people connected to the network to access media. it is available with a 1. 4 Gbps speed, which costs $190, the 1. 4 Gbps speed solely as a modem with no router (available at $105), and again as an all-in-one unit with 686 Mbps at $80. All three of the Surfboard models come with a 2 year limited... For the $40 price, you receive a dual-band router that is capable of up to 1200 Mbps with 300 Mbps in the 2. 4 GHz channel and 867 Mbps in the 5 GHz channel. The Netgear AC1750 comes with a jaw-dropping 8 ethernet slots and 2 USB 3. 0 slots, one of which is meant for media and the other of which is meant for backing up settings/files related to the AC1750’s operation. The Netgear AC1900 is a little more expensive at $200 (price pulled from Amazon), but the price is worth it for this super powerful router. Also equipped with a DOCSIS 3. 0 system, the Netgear AC1900 can work simultaneously as both a router and modem, which can save you a ton of money on modem rental fees. Unfortunately, this is just a router and does not include any DOCSIS technology, so renting a router from your ISP or purchasing one is still required. Equipped with a DOCSIS 3. 0 system, it simultaneously functions as both a router and modem – again, savings of upwards of $120 – $180 per year from not renting a router. Netgear AC1750 Returning to just routers, the Netgear AC1750 is also part of the Nighthawk series. Netgear AC1900 Part of Netgear’s Nighthawk line, the AC1900 is an absolutely stunning router/modem combination. The Netgear AC1600 is a little bit cheaper, but a little bit less powerful router than some of the other routers listed here. Netgear AC1600 The Netgear AC1600 is the Netgear AC1900’s little brother, and the price tag reflects this. While the AC1600 does not come equipped with a USB port that is perfect for sharing media, other tools like a Netgear AC750 WiFi range extender (available for $40) will make your network much more powerful, reliable, and wider than a network... Source:

Dodocool Official Store Promotion Has Begun on AliExpress, Brings Huge Discount on Various Accessories - gizmochina (blog)

1, a customer who makes the highest payment will be the big winner who will be awarded with a wireless car charger named DA92B. During the current Dodocool sale on AliExpress, users can buy 8-in-1 to 4-in-1 USB-C hub with discounted pricing. 7-inch iPhone 7 case DA116 is listed only for $4. 63. Dodocool is also selling credit card holder, desk touch lamp, LED night light, wireless doorbell kit and more with low pricing. A 13-inch laptop bag DA130 is available for $9. 79. Various PC peripherals like Wi-Fi adapter, network card, and Wi-Fi router are also available with good discounts. Dodocool official store promotion that is currently running on AliExpress is something you just may not want to miss as it is offering massive discounts on gadgets like multifaction USB hub, earphones, speakers, chargers, power bank, pc... The mini Bluetooth speaker DA84 is available with a low pricing of $9. 64 and a Bluetooth earphone DA104 with features like IPX4 and NFC is available for $13. 59. The sale is also providing irresistible deals on various kinds of chargers such as... Source:


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