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The NVIDIA TITAN X, featuring the NVIDIA Pascal architecture, is the ultimate graphics card.

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At long last, NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 980 graphics card has arrived.

Evolution of NVIDIA GeForce 1999-2014

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NVidia Volta V100 GPU Detailed: Completely New Architecture

We walk through the news surrounding nVidia's new Volta Tesla V100 and GV100 GPU.

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GTC 2017: Nvidia gpu technology conference Tesla V100 Volta

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NVIDIA morphs from graphics and gaming to AI and deep learning ... - ZDNet

This work involves the physical inspection of industrial infrastructure, including flare stacks and heated gas plumes. But once upon a time in PC land, Intel made a bundle of cash selling x8 7 math co-processor chips to accompany the x86 products. Plus, NVIDIA has corroboration from its competitors in making this pivot. AMD's in the game too with its Radeon Instinct product, and Intel's Xeon Phi processors are relevant to machine learning and AI as well. Not only is math co-processing common to both disciplines in terms of underlying technology, but both offer future-facing technology that can be aimed at rendering immersive experiences and simulations. For example, the company has teamed with Avitas Systems , a venture backed by General Electric, in the service of drone-assisted industrial inspection. Such multi-day shut downs involve huge production costs and drone-based inspection saves on those costs. GPUs are great for this type of work, despite the fact that it's not really about graphics or video. NVIDIA's DGX technology is being deployed not just in medicine, but in a variety of industrial contexts. Here's another one: Because Avitas Systems is a GE venture, it uses GE Predix , which is a predictive analytics platform that integrates with GE Historian. NVIDIA explains that flare stacks must be shut down for days before they become cool enough for a human inspector to approach. That Predix can now support downstream drone-based inspection shows how useful AI is in its industrial applications. The company's DGX systems , based on its Volta AI architecture, are being used by CCDS radiologists to speed up the process of analyzing medical imagery and finding abnormalities and patterns in them. CCDS just took delivery of the world's first NVIDIA DGX-1 supercomputer in December of last year and has already successfully trained machine learning models to do work not only in the sphere of radiology but also in cardiology, ophthalmology,... CCDS will soon be using a DGX Station -- an AI-specialized desktop workstation -- for medical AI work as well. For example, NVIDIA is now working with the Center for Clinical Data Science (CCDS) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to employ AI in the service of assisting radiologists in reading and interpreting x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans and the like. That intelligent guidance is only made possible possible by AI, and that's where the DGX technology comes in. Interestingly, because of all this real-time processing and given the super-human nature of the work, there's an element to drone... But drone-based inspection requires real-time intelligent guidance based on readings picked up by the drones' sensors (including temperatures encountered and what the drone "sees"). That's why NVIDIA, a company originally focused on GPUs and chipsets for video adapter cards and game consoles is rapidly morphing into an AI company. But spreadsheets are old hat now, and math co-processor functionality eventually got integrated into the CPU itself, forcing the math x87 line to dry up. But Artificial Intelligence (AI) has, in a way, brought math co-processors back in vogue, by... So NVIDIA, a graphics- and video-focused company founded nearly 25 years ago, is reinventing itself as an AI company in the present tense. As it turns out, the kind of mathematical capabilities required to render high-resolution, high frame-rate graphics are also directly applicable to AI. Specifically, the work required to train predictive machine learning models, especially those... Source:

HP unveils its insanely upgradeable Z-class workstations - Engadget

Much like LG's 38UC99 38-inch screen , it has sort-of 4K resolution (3,840 x 1,600) 21:9 that can't actually handle full-resolution UHD video, so seems more suited for gaming. The HP Z6 Workstation ($1,919) dials that craziness down a notch, with 384GB of max system memory and fewer slots and ports, but still has the dual Xeon CPU option. Just to rattle off a few more specs (because there aren't many machines like this), it offers 10 USB 3. 1 Gen 2 Type C ports, dual Gig-E ports, seven full-length, full height PCIe slots (nine total) and optional Thunderbolt 3. All of that is... No matter how great your latest PC build is, HP's new Z Workstation lineup can probably top it. The company's latest Z8, Z6 and Z4 desktop workstations are its most powerful and ridiculously upgradeable ever, it says. The top end of that right now is the Xeon W2155 with 10 cores and 20 threads, and HP hasn't said whether it'll support the flagship 18-core Xeon W that's coming later in the year. On the Z4 model, however, the Xeon W 10-core chip is "just" $1,000, so it should be no problem to build a box for around $3,000 to $4,000. HP also unveiled a few new displays, including the 38-inch Z38c curved display that is a bit of an odd duck... The top-end Z8 features 24 RAM slots and up to 3TB of RAM, dual Xeon CPUs (with up to 56 cores), dual M. 2 SSDs and dual NVIDIA Quadro Pro graphics cards. Just buying the Z8 box without much inside will cost you $2,439, but if you want, say, a pair of the latest Xeon Platinum 8180M chips with 28 cores each and two of NVIDIA's 24GB P6000 Quadro graphics adapters, those items alone would run you a... Source:

NVIDIA Shows off Final Fantasy XV in 4K 60fps Video - Shacknews

HTFS shadows first appeared in a patch for Ubisoft’s The Division and VXAO debuted in a patch for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Unveiled at Gamescom , Square Enix’s popular RPG series about androgynous teens and saving the world is getting a host of new graphical features that promise to make the PC release the ultimate way to enjoy the game. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be getting some special attention from the folks at nVidia as well. After its strong release last holiday season, Final Fantasy XV will be arriving on PCs soon under the name Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. The game will feature support for nVIdia’s Ansel screenshot technology, Shadowplay Highlights for automatic capture of important in-game moments, and support for all of the GeForce Experience features. Additionally, the PC version of FFXV will sport some state of the art graphics enhancements not seen on the console release, including nVidia’s Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadows (HTFS), Voxel Ambient Occlusion (VXAO), Turf Effects, Hairworks, nVidia... Source:


Download Drivers | NVIDIA

Download drivers for NVIDIA products including GeForce graphics cards, nForce motherboards, Quadro workstations, and more. Update your graphics card drivers today.

Artificial Intelligence Computing Leadership from NVIDIA

Artificial Intelligence Computing Leadership from NVIDIA: inventor of the GPU, which creates interactive graphics on laptops, workstations, mobile devices, notebooks ...

NVIDIA Paves Path to AI Cities with Metropolis Edge-to ...

Paving the way for the creation of AI cities, NVIDIA today unveiled the NVIDIA Metropolis™ intelligent video analytics platform.

Nvidia - Wikipedia

Nvidia Corporation (/ ɪ n ˈ v ɪ d i ə / in-VID-eeə) (most commonly referred to as Nvidia, stylized as NVIDIA, nVIDIA or nvidia) is an American technology company ...

Nvidia PureVideo - Wikipedia

PureVideo is Nvidia's hardware SIP core that performs video decoding. PureVideo is integrated into some of the Nvidia GPUs, and it supports hardware decoding of ...

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