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How To Make a USB port for your keyboard/ USEFUL IDEA!

in today's video I am going to to hack an additional DIY USB port Into your keyboard at home.

How to convert keyboard PS2 to USB

How to make keyboard night light - https://youtu.

Is PS/2 or USB Better for Keyboards and Mice?

Should you still be using those old PS/2 ports for your keyboards and mice.

PS2 to USB how to convert a mouse PS/2

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How To Set Up A MIDI Keyboard

com/ Adapt.

Alesis Q49 MIDI / USB Keyboard Piano Review

Get one at -- http://toastpop.

Hacking USB keyboard for game controller

Prototype of a pinball computer game controller, hacking a USB keyboard and using some test buttons.

Hacked 1987 Toshiba Laptop keyboard working with USB

So this is part of a larger project to modernise a 1987 Toshiba T1000 laptop using the amazing and tiny LattePanda.

Mac Tech Hack! Macbook keyboard & touchpad USB DIY Hack

Macbook keyboard & touchpad USB DIY Hack Did your mac laptop macbook keyboard or touch pad stop working.

Review of KP-C966 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard Tensile USB Cable PC/IPHONE


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Apple Aluminum MacBook (Late 2008)
The keyboard.
Photo by William Hook on Flickr
keyboard thinkpad lenovo ultranav
ThinkPad USB keyboard
Lenovo ThinkPad USB Keyboard with UltraNav Spanish layout
Photo by Berto Garcia on Flickr
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counterintuitive hotkeys
F5 is the "refresh this page" button... but the reload hotkey is above F4. Somewhat counterintuitive, I think.
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