Laptop desktop accessories Headset To Pc Adapter

AV Connect Headset Adapter 1F-2M

How to get headphone mic working with your computer

Alot of headphones come with inline mics today.

Gaming headset - how to set up with only one jack, troubleshooting, noise removal (Turtlebeach X12)

This video will highlight how to set up and install your headset if your computer only has one jack, how to improve the sound quality if its initially very noisy and .

Headset to PC Adapter - #23-106-001 - #23-106-002 - #23-106-003 - #23-106-004 - #23-106-005

com The Headset to PC adapter allows you to use your smart phone or iPhone headset with your.

USB Stereo Adapter SABRENT $6 Plug in Headset Headphones Microphone laptop combo port Syba

Unboxing & Review of the $5. 99 SEBRENT USB Stereo Adapter plug in headphones and microphone at the same time into a laptop with just one combo port.

How to get Microphone and Sound from Single 3.5mm Headsets (Wii U Headset) - Quick Tip

But I don't have a Wii U yet and wanted to use it on the PC. But I could only.

Splitter cable to connect to PC headset with built-in microphone

Headphone - Microphone double Jack Splitter Cable to connect headphone with built-in microphone to computer or other devices.

How To Hook Up an Aviation Headset to a Computer (PC/Mac)

Visit the new Eric Flight Fundraising Merchandise Shop https://shop.

W2ENY PC headset microphone adapter for Amateur Radio use

I wanted to use a PC headset with my radio (I'm too pov to buy good expensive Heil headsets . P ). I found some schematics online for mic adapters but.

PC Headset to USB Adapter - USB Headset Adapter

com/pc-headset-to-usb-adapter/ PC Headset to USB Adapter lets you use your PC Headset on any computer with a USB plug.

Latest News

  • TPCast wireless adapter for HTC Vive goes up for preorder in US

    09/06/17 ,via PC Gamer

    The TPCast adapter boasts easy installation. It consist of an HMD receiver that mounts directly to the Vive headset, which then wirelessly communicates with an included PC transmitter. "A highly optimized antenna array and large bandwidth ensure a

  • Dongleless Xbox wireless gaming headsets are finally here

    09/08/17 ,via Techaeris

    Power adapter. Check. Dongle. Check… and the list goes on if you want to use a wireless gaming headset with your Xbox One. Fortunately, Microsoft has finally opened up their Xbox Wireless ecosystem and a new breed of Xbox wireless gaming headsets are

  • These crazy headphones let you record immersive 3D soundscapes anywhere

    09/11/17 ,via Digital Trends

    Lifelike 3D is billed by the manufacturer as the “world's first 3D audio recording headset,” and the product is currently raising money via an Indiegogo campaign. The headphones work differently than traditional recording setups, If you're willing

  • HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Now Available To Pre-Order For $299 (video)

    09/11/17 ,via Geeky Gadgets

    HTC Vive virtual reality headset owners looking for a way to use the hardware wirelessly and untethered from the PC, may be interested to know that the TPCast adapter designed to do just that is now available to preorder priced at $299. Watch the video 

  • Turtle Beach's Stealth 600 wireless headphones for Xbox One and Windows 10 is now available

    08/25/17 ,via OnMSFT (blog)

    The new $99.95 headset supports Microsoft's proprietary Xbox Wireless protocol, which means that it works without any adapter on your console (you'll need Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Adapter on a Windows 10 PC). Best of all, it comes with a 15-hour 


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    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 1118050797,9781118050798. 360 pages.

    See how to use Skype for secure chats and connect SkypeOut and SkypeIN. Here's the fun and easy way (r) to understand all the hype about Skype and make this cool alternative communication system work for you! You'll get great advice about hardware, directions for downloading and installing Skype, ideas for using Skype in your business, and the lowdown on making Skype calls to people with old-fashioned phones. Discover how to: Install Skype and start making calls Create a contacts list Set up...

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    Covers upgrades for gaming, digital video, and entertainment! Transform your PC into a glitch-free, turbocharged, multimedia machine Want to add punch to your PC? This handy reference helps add power to your old computer. Easy steps show you how to add memory, update your virus protection, get your PC ready for Windows Vista or rev it up as a cool entertainment center capable of recording TV shows or hearing DVDs in surround sound. Move files from an old PC to a new one Upgrade to Windows...

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    Provides more than two hundred tips on ways to modify the Windows XP and Vista operating system, applications, and hardware associated with it.

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    2006. 168 pages. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

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How to Connect an A2DP Bluetooth Headset to PC Using a ...

How to Connect an A2DP Bluetooth Headset to PC Using a Bluetooth Adapter. This is going to be a tutorial for those wanting to connect their stereo bluetooth headset ...

headset adapter - Staples Inc. - Office Supplies, Printer ...

Easily adjust chat audio without taking your hands off the controller; Controls include volume up/down, microphone mute and game/chat balance; Xbox One headset ...

Cisco Headset Adapter for iPhone headset

Cisco iPhone Headset Adapter facilitates easy connection between a single-plug iPhone, Blackberry, HTC or other smartphone headset, and Cisco Unified IP phone.

Cell Phone Headset Adapter for a Cisco IP Phone

Cell phone headset adapter for Cisco IP phone transforms 2.5mm audio plug into modular plug, allowing you to use it with Cisco IP Phones.

Spectra SP-PC Headset - AltoEdge

This headset features twin stereo speakers headset with 10 ft cord and 3.5 mm right-angle stereo plug for computer use. Use this headset with the Express Scribe ...