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Hard Drive screws busted

I guess lb. meters really doesn't matter for hard drive screws.

how to remove stripped screws from PS3 hard drive tutorial

Here is a short video of what to do if you strip your screws while removing your hard drive from the PS3. So try this before you drill or try to cut the screws off the.

Build a magnetic parts tray out of an old, dead hard drive!

But rather than buying one, you may be able to build one yourself.

Removing Hard Drive Platters with NO SCREWS!

This video is to help all of you remove the platters from Hard Drives that don't have screws.

How to drive screws with a drill/driver

Driving screws using a drill/driver is very simple yet some people just cannot do it right either due to using the incorrect bit or by using the incorrect technique.

How to open xbox360 hard drive without torx screw

How to open xbox360 hard drive without torx screwdriver and install into xbox360 slim model.

HDD screw up

Just for fun.

Disassembling a Hard Drive with TechPro Tools Torx Screwdrivers

Disassembling a Hard Drive with TechPro Tools Torx Screwdrivers.

Remove Torx Security Screws WITHOUT special tools!

Quickly and easily remove Torx Security Screws (Tamper Resistant or Tamper Proof, star shaped with center pin) to repair or open appliances or electronic .

Two last resort techniques to remove striped screws, blocked screw or security screws

In this video i will show you two easy ways to remove a stripped screw or remove a screw that you don't have the right bit / screw extractor.


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20130408-039-of-365 [Explored]
Today's #MacroMondays theme is #Metal I had a hard drive sitting around that needed to be erased, and nothing beats physical destruction of the platters. :D
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My Work Bag
I cleaned out my work bag tonight and figured I would take a picture of what is in my bag. I am a Crestron programmer, and I am usually onsite by myself so I need to be prepared. After laying it all out I was...
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Dismantling the hard drive
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