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The Top 7 Best VR Headsets

Virtual reality is an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a three dimensional world, making it suited to games and even movies.

The Best VR Headset? HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift vs PS VR

HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift vs PS VR Subscribe: http://goo.

How to Play PC Games in VR on Cardboard or ANY VR HEADSET !

to/2oGH4qN * Play PC Games on Cardboard or any of the best mobile VR Headsets 2017. Trinus makes it possible.

BETTER than OCULUS RIFT? & WAY Cheaper! - PICO NEO #BluntyE3

The Upcoming PICO NEO VR headset just might be BETTER than the Oculus Rift, AND it'll be cheaper, AND it can work stand alone in Android mode AND A .

Pimax 4K Review | PC Virtual Reality VR Headset

The Pimax 4K Headset is pretty much the second PC VR Headset to be released from china after the Deepoon E2. --------------------- Where To Order:.

Cheap PC Virtual Reality Setup

How To Play PC Games In VR(Google Cardboard)/Trinus

Welcome To Sloop Tech In this video we're gonna show you how to play PC games in a VR(Google Cardboard) headset with the help of Trinus.

How To Play PC Games With VR Headsets (Google Cardboard) - Trinus Gyre


Oculus has a $200 wireless VR headset in the works | Engadget Today

com/2017/07/13/oculus-wireless-vr-pacific/ We know that truly wireless VR is the future for Oculus.

Lenovo VR: Hands-On

Lenovo's new VR headset is coming, and it'll cost less than $400: http://engt.


  • Virtual Reality Headsets - A Theoretical and Pragmatic Approach

    CRC Press. 2017. ISBN: 9781351803076,1351803077. 214 pages.

    The purpose of virtual reality is to make possible a sensorimotor and cognitive activity for a user in a digitally created artificial world. Recent advances in computer technology have led to a new generation of VR devices such as VR headsets. Accordingly, virtual reality poses many new scientific challenges for researchers and professionals. The aim of this book, a manual meant for both designers and users of virtual reality, is to present the current state of knowledge on the use of VR...

  • Computer Vision – ECCV 2016 Workshops

    Springer. 2016. ISBN: 9783319466040,3319466046. 919 pages.

    The three-volume set LNCS 9913, LNCS 9914, and LNCS 9915 comprises the refereed proceedings of the Workshops that took place in conjunction with the 14th European Conference on Computer Vision, ECCV 2016, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in October 2016. 27 workshops from 44 workshops proposals were selected for inclusion in the proceedings. These address the following themes: Datasets and Performance Analysis in Early Vision; Visual Analysis of Sketches; Biological and Artificial Vision;...

  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics

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  • Virtual Reality

    Cherry Lake. 2017. ISBN: 9781634727709,1634727703. 32 pages.

    The latest virtual reality technology allows you to step into a new world by simply strapping on a headset and selecting a program on your computer. With this book, students learn about the past, present, and future of technological innovation. Fun, engaging text introduces readers to new ideas and builds on technology concepts they may already know. Additional tools, including a glossary and an index, help students learn new vocabulary and locate information.

  • Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-computer Interaction

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    Presents a collection of articles on human-computer interaction, covering such topics as applications, methods, hardware, and computers and society.


Virtual reality - Wikipedia

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses Virtual reality headsets, sometimes in combination with physical spaces or multi-projected environments, to ...

PlayStation VR – Virtual Reality Headset for PS4

Get the next generation virtual reality gaming experience with PlayStation VR – an upcoming virtual reality headset for PS4 console. Explore the key features of ...

Oculus Rift: What Kind of Computer You'll Need for VR ...

A headset isn't all you'll need to get in the virtual reality game.

PlayStation VR - Wikipedia

The PlayStation VR, known by the codename Project Morpheus during development, is a virtual reality headset developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which was ...

VIVE™ | New HTC VIVE standalone VR headset with Google ...

New HTC VIVE standalone VR headset with Google Daydream. WorldSense™ supports six degrees of freedom (6DoF) allowing natural movement. Simply duck, lean, and even ...

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Virtual Reality Headset Prototype
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