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How To Upgrade A Computer

How To Upgrade A Computer - from $500 to $750 Memory: 3:50 | Fan: 5:37 | GPU: 8:45 | HDD: 10:20 | CPU: 15:11 PARTS LIST - http://bit.

What should I UPGRADE on my Gaming PC NEXT? - Build Guide 2016/2017

Hello and welcome to the ScatterVolt channel and today I'll giving you guys my TOP 4 recommendations for what parts of your gaming pc you should upgrade .

Can You Upgrade a Prebuilt PC?

So you want to upgrade your computer, but you didn't build it yourself - you bought it already-assembled from WHO-knows-where.

PC Holiday Upgrade Ideas: If You're On a Budget

So what better time to perform some much needed upgrades.

$8000 PC Upgrade

It's been 7 years.

RAM Upgrade Guide - What You Need to Know

First off, don't buy explosives, buy RAM.

What Options Are There for Laptop Upgrades?

Desktop PCs are easy enough to upgrade - check compatibility, buy the part, replace it in the machine.

Double Your Computer RAM for Free

NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here .

Computer Upgrades & Repairs : How to Add Memory to a Computer

When adding memory to a computer, align the hardware from the bottom of the slot and push down on the arm until it locks in securely.


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  • Computer Upgrades Made Easy

    iUniverse. 2003. ISBN: 9780595264834,0595264832. 168 pages.

    My book is about making hardware upgrades on desktop computers easily using common sense methods. I put the directions in the simplest as possible terms. If you have every thought of making upgrades on your computer but were afraid to try. Then this is the book for you. It gives you step my step directions in plan laymen terms. My book puts things in the simplest terms possible with tried and tested methods. And the methods in this book are the ones I used and you can use them also. So why...

  • The Complete PC Upgrade & Maintenance Lab Manual

    Sybex. 2017. ISBN: 0782128556,9780782128550. 277 pages.

    The "Lab Manual" is a workbook for students taking college and training school classes in computer upgrade, maintenance and repair. It reinforces lessons with practical, hands-on tasks. Each exercise provides students with recommended readings, objectives, lists of hardware and software to perform tasks, step-by-step procedures for completing lab work, and student lab report.

  • Strategies for Managing Computer Software Upgrades

    IGI Global. 2000. ISBN: 1930708963,9781930708969. 260 pages.

    "The speed with which companies are bringing new software products to market is having a serious impact on information technology use in organizations. As vendors release new software products, customers are faced with the prospect of upgrading to the new software. If not managed properly, the upgrade might cost inordinate amounts of money and/or curtail employee productivity. To aid IT managers, this book provides strategies for managing issues associated with the implementation of software...

  • Peter Norton's Complete Guide to PC Upgrades

    Sams Publishing. 1999. ISBN: 0672314835,9780672314834. 752 pages.

    Provides advice on how to upgrade the core components of the PC and outlines the pros and cons of alternative upgrade options

  • Computer Upgrades and Repairs

    1994. ISBN: 0929321170,9780929321172.


Computer Upgrades and Repairs - Upgrading and repairing PCs.

Computer Upgrades and Repairs contains information on upgrading and repairing your computer.

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Dell XPS17
My new Dell XPS17 i7 M740 1.73 GHz 8 gig memory 1.2 T hard drive Nvidia GT 445M 3 Gig blueray / DVDrw backlighted keyboard 1600x900 screen (I know this is lower than I would like) I received this machine a couple...
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My new computer with my old computer, sitting in front of some other computers
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Whee! Now I can retire three computers...
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