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Samsung Bixby is present on the Note 8 and is more responsive and more accurate than when I was beta testing it on the S8 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was announced earlier today. 10 reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is best for business. Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Note 8 with features designed to appeal to consumers, prosumers, and businesses. Samsung launches Galaxy Note 8 with dual camera, improved display, S Pen. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: My first week with a nearly perfect smartphone. PREVIOUS AND RELATED COVERAGE Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: The epitome of a business-first smartphone. It is not just all of the high-end, proven technology that makes the Galaxy Note 8 a fantastic device, but the collection of small things that Samsung integrated into the phone to make it extremely efficient. The Note 7 left a gap for the enterprise, but the Note 8 aptly fills it and is better for most than any other modern smartphone. Source:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: one for the fans - The Verge

One of the cameras has a standard wide-angle lens, like you’ll find on any other smartphone, while the other provides a short “telephoto” option that gets you a little bit closer to your subject. In addition to letting you zoom in a little, the dual-camera system also lets you take images with an artificially blurred background to mimic what is possible with a DLSR and a bright lens. The downside is it will eat up more of your storage with each shot you take, so you’ll probably want to use a microSD card to store your images if you use this feature a lot. Samsung does offer a little more control than Apple, however. This HDR-capable display is everything you’d expect from a high-end Samsung panel: it’s crisp, vibrant, and super bright, so it’s visible outdoors in direct sunlight. Samsung’s version of this is basically not any worse or better than the iPhone’s portrait mode. The face unlock feature is still not as secure as other means, but Samsung has improved it since the S8’s launch, so it works faster and more reliably now. Despite its thin diameter and short length, the S Pen is nice to write and doodle with, and it’s clear that Samsung’s refinements on this experience over the years are paying off. In addition, Samsung doesn’t require a face to be in the frame to trigger the effect, so I was able to use it on inanimate subjects, such as flowers or cups of coffee. Otherwise, the Note 8’s fit and finish are exactly the same as the S8, with glass panels that elegantly curve into a metal frame. The Note 8 also tips the scales at 195g, about 22g more than the S8 Plus. And because of what happened with the Note 7, these fans have been waiting a long time for this. The Galaxy Note 8 wasn’t built for everyone. In the most embarrassing episode of modern tech history , Samsung was forced to recall the phone, not once, but twice, and pull it from the market. But that glory was short-lived: as everyone knows, the Note 7 had a defective internal battery design that caused it to randomly catch fire. The biggest difference is the Note’s signature feature: the S Pen stylus. In short, you either know you want the Note 8 for the S Pen, or you don’t. Internally, the Note 8 also has very similar specs compared to the S8 Plus. The Note 8 also has the ability to save both a wide angle and telephoto image at the same time. But I can weigh in on the Note 8’s other standout feature, the new dual camera. On the Note 8, it’s possible to adjust the blur effect before or after you’ve taken the picture, so if the blur is too strong or fake looking, you can dial it back. This mode, which Samsung calls “Live Focus,” is a lot like the iPhone 7 Plus’ portrait mode, both in how it works and its results. That means this year, the Note 8's value all comes down to how important the S Pen and the second camera are to you. The new Note is much like its predecessor in that it’s an exceptional large-screened device with few obvious faults. What’s most interesting is how much bigger the Note 8 feels compared to the almost-as-large Galaxy S8 Plus. With so many similarities between the Note 8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the few differences become more important. The upshot of all of this is Samsung was also forced to reevaluate how it designed and manufactured phone batteries, and it now uses different processes and chemistries that produce more durable batteries that also degrade less over time. Further, the Note 8 is one of the most expensive phones you can buy, starting at $930 for a model with 64GB of storage. The Note’s 6. 3-inch screen is only scantly larger than the S8 Plus’ 6. 2-inch panel, but it has a more rectangular shape and the sides aren’t curved as aggressively, which makes it noticeably less comfortable to handle. There was a time when if you wanted a big phone, the Note was the king of the hill. The wide lens opens up to a very bright f/1. 7 aperture, while the tele camera is limited to f/2. 4. Not only can the wide-angle camera’s lens let in a lot more light, its larger pixels can capture that light with more detail and better dynamic... The Note used to be the best and only truly great big phone. Both cameras have optical image stabilization, which Samsung claims provides better images than the non-stabilized telephoto lens on the iPhone 7 Plus. Most of the time, I forgot about using the pen and used the Note 8 just like I would any other phone. The Note does have 6GB of RAM versus the S8’s 4, but I haven’t seen an appreciable difference in performance because of it. Both of these phones are fast and fluid, and performance was not a concern in my day-to-day use. On Cameras The Note 8’s rear cameras are both listed as having 12-megapixel sensors with optically stabilized lenses, but that is where their similarities end. They don’t want just any big phone, they want a Note, complete with its over-the-top size, top-of-the-line specs, and, of course, its stylus. In addition, the Note 8’s larger size make its fingerprint scanner even more frustrating to use than it is on the S8. Like the S8, the scanner is on the back of the phone, to the right of the camera module. It’s possible that the extra RAM aids in using the DeX desktop docking system Samsung sells, but I did not test that with the Note 8 for this review. Ask Samsung, though, and it will say Galaxy Note fans don’t care about any of those things. Samsung offers both iris-scanning and face-scanning unlock systems on the Note 8, so you don’t necessarily have to rely on the fingerprint scanner as much. Samsung has added new coloring book features in its S Pen software, as well as the ability to take even longer notes on the lock screen than before. The Note 8 does have a headphone jack (in the correct position: on the bottom of the phone, to the left of the charging port), and Samsung bundles in a set of decent AKG wired headphones in the box. The Note’s two 12-megapixel camera setup is a first for Samsung, and it’s very similar to the system that Apple put in the iPhone 7 Plus. A year ago, I wrote that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the best big phone ever made. Now there are a lot of great big phones available, including other options from Samsung, that provide most of the Note’s experience at lower prices. That could happen with the Note 8 as well, but it’d have been easier for everyone if Samsung just put the scanner below the camera like every other phone maker does. In fact, in all of the important areas, the Note 8 is a better device than even the Note 7 was. The Galaxy Note has always been an unapologetically big phone, but the Note 8 takes big to new dimensions. Samsung has done everything it can to make this giant screen fit in something that resembles a phone — shrinking the bezels, elongating its shape, curving the sides — but there’s no avoiding the fact that the Note 8 is a giant phone that comes... That’s good, because now we have the Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung wants it to permanently put the Note 7 fiasco in the rearview mirror. The stylus is what truly sets the Note 8 apart from any other big phone you can get, and the Note 8 is basically the only premium phone you can buy that has one. For obvious reasons, Samsung shrunk the battery capacity in the Note 8 compared to last year’s Note 7. This time it has a 3,300mAh battery that supports both fast wired and wireless charging. You can even take notes on the lock screen without unlocking the phone, and then pin them there for easy access later on. New for the S Pen this year are a finer point and more levels of pressure sensitivity (compared to the Note 5’s stylus from... While the Note 7 was head and shoulders above everything else before its fall from grace, the Note 8 isn’t obviously better than many of the other big phones out this year, including Samsung’s own Galaxy S8 Plus. Samsung says that its Note customers love the thing, and it’s a big reason why they stick with the phone, even after what happened with the Note 7. The S Pen can be used to take notes, mark up screenshots, doodle, select text, or just navigate the... If you’re an S Pen diehard, though, this is the phone you’ve been waiting for, the one that can finally replace that creaky old Galaxy Note 5. You’ll like almost everything about the Note 8. But I can’t call the Note 8 the best big phone, because... Source:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review - TechRadar

The on-screen button that replaces it works fine, but the fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the device and off-center – it’s a textbook flawed design, and the alternative iris scanner doesn’t always work when you want to unlock the phone. Samsung’s unlocking alternatives don’t work as advertised. There are now two cameras on the back, a first for a Samsung flagship smartphone. There’s also no camera bump, and that gaudy Samsung logo has been moved to the rear, no longer staring you in the face. Then there’s the Note 8 price. Samsung could fix this issue with an in-glass front fingerprint sensor, but the technology isn’t ready yet. There are very few Note 8 colors. The Note 8 is IP68 water-resistant, so it can survive up to 1. 5m (5ft) underwater for 30 minutes, and it uses the reversible USB-C standard. Expect this to be a grand announcement for the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 – please act surprised. This is the most powerful Samsung phone yet. And new to the Note 8 is the ability to write out ‘Live Messages’, creating sparkly animations that you can send to anyone in GIF form. Both are new perks for most Note fans. After all, the best note-taking device is the one you have with you all the time. It’s too big for some – it’s technically Samsung’s best, but not the best for everyone. Samsung, annoyingly, refreshes its phones with new colors after a few months, much to the chagrin of loyal early adopters. We also jotted down handwritten notes and took screenshots that we were instantly able to mark up. Plus the S Pen is also great for sketching with over 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Samsung keeps topping itself, launching phones with the world’s best display every six months. The Note 8 costs more than the S8 Plus, although if you’re going to sink a lot of money into a device that you use everyday, you may as well go all the way. Samsung has yet to deliver dual front-facing speakers like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium , or customizable Hi-Fi audio like the LG V30. Maybe next year. The Note 8 price is $929 (£869, AU$1,499), and US carriers have it for as much as $40 a month for 24 months, though we’d suggest getting the unlocked carrier-agnostic version. It’s like everyone’s desire to own a Fitbit – you had good intentions when you set out to buy it. Anyone who sticks with the S Pen, however, will get their money’s worth from the Note 8. We signed a PDF contract last week without having to print... Off-screen memos, introduced with the doomed Note 7, enable you to capture your thoughts without having to unlock the phone first. You also won’t get the best sound from the Note 8. It's a multimedia powerhouse visually, but its bottom-firing speaker still had us cupping the bottom of the phone to get better audio. Lit up, the all-screen Note 8 feels like we’re carrying around a piece of light when we’re out and about. While we spent most of the time using this phone naked (that’s without a case), we did test several Note 8 cases and instantly felt more confident carrying it around. The extra tenth of an inch doesn’t really matter, but loyal Note fans adore the S Pen functionality, power users are going to benefit from the 6GB of RAM, and we loved the superior dual-lens camera in our tests – you will too. If the S Pen lets you skip a few archaic steps – like printing, finding a working pen, and scanning a document – the Note 8 may be worth the extra $105 over the similarly sized S8 Plus. It’s impressive-looking, but also big and heavy – 9mm taller than any previous Note phone, and 195g. Stretching your fingers is well worth if you can physically manage it. Its expansive 6. 3-inch display – now without a physical home button – has... Best Buy is also offering $150 off the phone, and T-Mobile has a Buy One Get One Free Note 8 offer. Can your wallet, and the extent of your grip, handle the Note 8. That’s pretty much all that you – if you have faith in Samsung again – need to ask yourself before buying this phone. Samsung wisely moved the flash and heart rate monitor in between the sensor (which requires your fingerprints) and the camera (which always gets fingerprint smudges all over it). That built-in heart rate monitor you forget still existed on Samsung... The fingerprint sensor has marginally improved No physical home button means a rear fingerprint sensor It's further away from the camera vs the S8 and S8 Plus sensor Iris scanner and face unlock are poor substitutes We hate the fingerprint sensor... The Note 8 acts like a big, borderless glass canvas for your important handwritten notes and masterpiece doodles. The Note 7 also debuted S Pen features like GIF Capture and Translate, but these will be new to most Note 8 users. Frequent note-takers will love the off-screen memo feature, which lets you jot down white-ink notes on the turned-off black screen as soon as you eject the S Pen. You’re going to need a Note 8 case to confidently hold this unwieldy glass beast, and two hands to operate it. The big screen also comes at the cost of the Note’s usual oval-shaped fingerprint sensor home button. The S Pen is full of new and old tricks Easy to sign documents and write directly on screenshots Note-taking expands with convenient off-screen memos Live Messages, GIF Capture add fun to this productivity tool There are two types of people in the... The Galaxy Note 8 is the biggest reimagining of Samsung’s best smartphones for productivity, and more than enough to right the major wrongs of the recalled Note 7. This is a mega-sized mea culpa. Our Verdict The Note 8 is Samsung’s big phone comeback story, making up for the Note 7 recall. Price and release date At $929 (£869, AU$1,499), it's the most expensive phone you'll buy Pre-order deals are legitimately good and help alleviate the high price Release date: September 15 in US and UK, September 22 in Australia The Galaxy Note 8... The Galaxy S8 Plus, for comparison, cost $829 (£779, AU$1,349) at launch, but you can now get Plus for around $750 in the US, while Galaxy S8 deals make the smaller version almost half the price of the Note 8. Good news, though: you can already... The Samsung Galaxy Note 8's biggest test could be just around the corner, with rumors of an all-new iPhone X with borderless display, facial recognition and an equally sizable prize tag launching on September 12. . For now though, the Note 8 rules... Design and display 6. 3-inch 'Infinity Display' redefines the Note look and feel But it's 9mm taller than any Note phone – it's the new big Water-resistant up to 1. 5m (5ft) for 30 minutes The best color, Deep Sea Blue, won't launch right away The... 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