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How grand are the new $1000 Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8? -

“That makes dropping your phone doubly dangerous. Please treat other participants with respect and in a way that you would want to be treated. If you see an objectionable post, please report it to us using the "Report Abuse" option. On the way to market, all costs are marked up. Apple reportedly builds in at least a 37 percent profit margin. “Induction charging demands a glass-backed phone,” said iRepairWorks’ Patel. Cooler still, the phones “dual capture” images from both lenses simultaneously, allowing you to retroactively change if you want the background to be in or out of focus. ” The tech is so secure you’ll be able to use it for Apple Pay and third-party apps like One Password and E-Trade. Some pundits predict the X will claim just 20 percent of Apple phone sales. Having registered an image of you, the phone will wake up when it sees you staring at the screen. And many a fanboy and girl were drooling Tuesday as Apple’s Tim Cook and company explained the whys and wherefores of its $999 (and up. ) new darling — the 10th-anniversary, 5. 8-inch-screen iPhone X (pronounced ten) , which Cook proclaimed “the... (Like its predecessor 7 Plus, the Apple 8 Plus also has twin rear lenses. I’ve been conducting a hands-on with the 6. 3-inch-screen Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that will land in stores Friday. According to industry analysts at the tech industry survey firm USB, the wholesale price (cost to manufacture) for last year’s top iPhone 7 Plus backlit LCD display was $60 per unit, while the new OLEDs are about $85 wholesale. Cook stressed that the new iPhone X’s glass — shared with the new $699-and-up iPhone 8 and 8 Plus — is “the most durable ever in a smartphone … reinforced by a laser-welded steel and copper structure. Photo friendlier: Both the new one-grand phones feature twin, image-stabilized lenses on the back “business” side — one optimized for wide-angle shots, the other pulling in tighter telephoto images. Better security: You’ll be able to unlock the new high-end Apple and Samsung phones with face recognition. Samsung deploys its quad-core processors in the Galaxy Note 8 for enhanced note-taking and drawing with the onboard S-Pen, foreign-language text translation, and double-duty (with connected keyboard, mouse and monitor) as a desktop DeX computer. Samsung and Apple also eliminate the bezel (picture frame) around the screen to squeeze a larger image into a package you can still grip with one hand, though having glass wrap the edge makes the phones more vulnerable to breakage. Apple’s six-core independently running array in the X (also steering the new and cheaper 4. 7-inch-screen Apple 8 and 5. 5-inch 8 Plus) will be working it for dramatic augmented-reality effects, more games, and cute stuff like Animojis — emoji... And if, God forbid, you have to replace the integrated display module: The cost will be close to $400, estimated Hiren Patel at iRepairWorks, 1358 South St. That’s why current Samsung phones with OLED screens “are much less often repaired than the... But given the way Apple has priced the 8 and 8 Plus — starting at $699 and $799, then inching to $949 (for an 8 Plus with 256 GB of memory) — it shouldn’t be that hard for Apple Store folks to talk customers up. The 8 and 8 plus will arrive in... If you now have a case of new-phone envy just because your two-year-old Apple or Samsung model ain’t what it used to be, it might behoove you to check out options for replacing the phone’s worn-down battery or cracked screen. Wireless charging: Another sweet thing Samsung has offered for several phone generations, “Qi”-standard wireless induction charging, will finally be available with Apple 8, 8 Plus, and X. You simply rest the phone on a special base unit that... Hello, Gorgeous: As in today’s top (LG and Sony) TVs, the best images in the new top-end Apple and Samsung phones are enabled by self-illuminating OLED — organic light-emitting diode — displays, which outclass backlit LCD screens for playback of... Source:

20 Samsung Galaxy S8 tips and tricks - TechRadar

You can add a range of iris scanner previews to your screen and replace those dull eye aligning circles with graphics that are a little more entertaining. Go into the camera and tap the cog icon to access settings. That means you can use your phone like a full-on computer. Make the screen single hand friendly. It’ll even alert you based on location, reminding you to water the plants when you get home, for example, or alert you when a relevant shop is nearby. Make a box around the video you want to capture by moving to the edges of its corners. Mid will slow your device down and stop background syncing, and is good if you’re worried about not making it through the day. But - for those in the US - it’ll help you find medical help as well. Swipe the edge of the screen to activate Smart Select then pick ‘Animation’. Or if you want really smooth video for action then the 60fps 1080p option might be useful - it’s not as clear, but it’s really slick to watch. As such Sammy has placed several modes for power that allow you to change the device to suit what you’re doing, ultimately saving battery life. The Galaxy S8 can manage 4K UHD video recording, so you might as well use the improved sharpness. Here you’ll be able to choose whether you want to adorn your eyes with a cute bunny face or a driver’s helmet, an owl’s head or some Iron Man-inspired sci-fi HUD glasses. So much that you might struggle to comfortably reach the top of the display while holding the phone in one hand. While High Performance will max everything out for highest resolution and brightness, Game and Entertainment adjust processor power to give you just what you need for what you’re doing. The file is saved to your phone, making it super simple to share your wonder works with the world. To access, pull in from the tab on the screen’s right-hand edge. These are the features that will make you feel like a tech wizard, the ones that will transform you from smartphone user to handset master. You can also opt to attach images automatically captured by both the phone’s front and rear cameras, or a 5-second audio recording. Then, under Rear camera, tap Video size and you’ll be able to change. Standard settings have you on 1080P at 30fps but if you select UHD you’ll get 4K recording. So if you want a break from that WhatsApp group, without opening the app, or just need Facebook to stop hounding you for an hour, they can be silenced easily. The OS itself is similar to Chrome OS with apps in resizable windows, and you can type like on your PC, copy and paste, right click and more for easy navigation and controls. It responds to touch, text and voice - essentially making it the brain of your phone that helps you use its functions better. These are the Galaxy S8 tips and tricks you need to be aware of. Read our in-depth reviews: 1. Access the Notifications tab using your fingerprint scanner. After that, you’ve got two power-saving modes (available in Battery, from Settings) called ‘Mid’ and ‘Max’. They hold secret access to a raft of hidden features and functions, as well as shortcuts to all your favorite apps and favored contacts. There are more than a dozen pre-installed Edge Panels to choose from, ranging from weather and live sports scores panels to those that offer instant calendar checks and even access to the phone’s compass and torch. Dex is a dock that features USB ports for keyboards, mice and flash drives. You can do that by tapping Settings > Advanced Features > One-handed mode. This smart video-to-GIF converter isn’t just for videos you create though, as you can nab movies from pretty much wherever you like - including YouTube. For this to be the case, however, you’ll need to enable the SOS Messages feature. This portal lets you hide images, files and apps away from anyone who might be using your unlocked phone. Some love them, others hate them, and while many will argue that the back key should be on the left of the three-key setup, others will argue that its true home is on the right of things. It’ll even show, while recording, the file size and time so you know what you’re making. For either of these options to work, however, you’ll first need to activate the feature. Just head into the Device Maintenance section of Settings, and you’ll see an option for Performance Mode where you can tweak this. We’re not just talking about its headline features such as its expansive, 5. 8-inch near edge-to-edge display or brilliant 12MP camera either. On any of these windows, hitting the settings cog at the bottom of the screen lets you tweak and customize the type and quantity of content you’re presented with. Just tell Bixby by holding the hardware button on the left-hand side of the phone and it’ll line everything up in your calendar ready. The camera’s skills run deeper, however, and let you tweak and attune all the settings to your individual shooting needs in Pro mode. One way to do this is with split screen multitasking, letting you run two apps side by side. So if you’ve got an app you’re not using then just press and hold the icon until a settings menu opens where you can select Sleep. As well as tweaking the layout, here you can also customize the sensitivity of your phone’s controls and even assign your soft keys a new background color for a more standout, completely customized look. Use Samsung Health to get you to a doctor. Send an app to sleep and it’ll stop running in the background, meaning no push notifications and no constant updates chewing through your power. This will let you pull down the Notifications window just by swiping down on the biometric sensor, and without needing to contort your hand to the far reaches of the display. To activate, you’ll need to go Settings > Advanced features > Finger sensor gestures, and toggle that switch to the on position. Just because Samsung’s Bixby AI is still MIA doesn’t mean you have to do without Siri-rivaling voice control skills. Being discreet, Samsung has created a Secure Folder that lets you do exactly that. You’ve already splashed out on the fancy phone, you’ve probably got plenty of storage on there, so why keep recording video in the basic Full HD format. If having your phone read your irises in order to authenticate your use and automatically unlock didn’t make you feel enough like Iron Man, this fun S8 feature certainly will. Within the camera app, swiping in from the left-hand side of the screen brings up a number of shooting options, including Panorama, Slow motion and Hyperlapse modes. That’s where the S8’s Smart Lock feature comes in, letting you set the phone to automatically unlock when in certain situations such as at home, or while on your body. Max dials pretty much EVERYTHING down, and is best for emergencies when you know you’ll need to make a call in an hour and are scarily looking at 3% battery left. Why not grab one of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases. Now tapping the multitasking tab on your already open apps (it’s the one that looks like two rectangles atop each other) will open them in a compressed half screen view. To turn this on, you’ll need to go Settings > Advanced Features > Send SOS messages, and flick that toggle switch over to the on position. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is filled with biometric security measures. The Samsung Galaxy S8’s 12MP rear-mounted camera is brilliant. Thanks to its Android Nougat innards, the Samsung Galaxy S8 runs the Google Assistant direct from the box. The Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t just a handset all your mates will covet as soon as you pull it from your pocket, it’s also a device that could end up saving your life. Those curved edges on the Samsung Galaxy S8’s stunning Super AMOLED display are more than just pure eye candy. Once you’ve set up your emergency contact, triple pressing the phone’s power button at any time will automatically send a message to your SOS contact, alerting them to an incident and requesting help. Swipe in again and you’ll see your favorite contacts, while swiping once more brings up smart select features that let you capture a range of screenshot options. Some apps won’t work fully in split screen mode - your games will have looked better - but if you want to enjoy a Facebook-based browse while keeping an eye on your emails, or check a recipe while looking online for ingredients, you can, and with... With the Galaxy S8 you can turn off notifications on an app-by-app basis. That’s what Samsung is offering with its Smart Select mode that enables easy creation of social media-friendly content. Its overall footprint might not be huge, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a whole lot of screen. To activate, you’ll need to go Settings > Lock screen and security > Smart Lock. Additional themes for the Always-On Display are available to download from the Samsung Apps portal and enable as you need. Fortunately, Samsung has thought this through and bestowed the Galaxy S8 with some solid one-handed mode features. Letting you make the on-screen content more compact, users can activate the one-handed mode by either swiping diagonally up from either of the phone’s lower corners, or tapping the home button three times in quick succession. Here you’ll be able to select the criteria for the phone to unlock itself, such as when in close proximity to your Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch or in your car. If you head into Settings you’re able to make the adjustments by tapping Notifications, where you can find the offending app and take the appropriate measures (you can also achieve the same thing by long-pressing the notification itself). Then login using your Samsung account details, add a password, PIN, fingerprint or iris scan and you’re all set to use the new Secure Folder. There’s a whole heap of power in the Samsung Galaxy S8, the phone now more powerful than many computers from just a few years back. To that end, Samsung has created DeX, a small puck-like object that turns your phone into a PC-like experience with a simple click. Samsung Health might seem like a simple app that helps you monitor your health, tracking your steps in a day and even lets you keep track of all those calories you’ve shovelled into your face. Pop into Settings, Display and Wallpaper then Always-On Display to turn the feature on and off or go into Settings, then Themes, to find new options to personalise the experience further. Letting you perform tasks, access certain features, and make online searches, all with nothing more than the power of your voice, Google Assistant is accessed by long pressing the phone’s soft key home button. Whatever setup you prefer, be it ‘Recents - Home - Back’ or ‘Back - Home - Recents’, you can customize the phone’s layout to your needs, just head to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Button layout, and make your selection. Samsung has given us one of the most eye-wateringly clear screens ever placed in a smartphone, but if you fancy cranking it up to full power, it’ll chew through your battery. You’ll have to set up the Assistant before first use, attuning it to your voice, but once that is out of the way you’ll be able to drop all the “OK, Google” prefixed questions and commands you could want. Thanks to that Infinity Display, you’ve got a lot of on-screen real estate to play with on the Samsung Galaxy S8, so you might as well make the most of it, right. To access, you’ll need to go Settings > Lock screen and security > Iris Scanner > Preview screen mask. To open apps in split screen view, you’ll first need to hit the ‘Recents’ button on the soft keys at the bottom of the screen. This is Samsung Knox-level secure, meaning even if that person has picked up your unlocked phone they’ll then need a password, PIN, fingerprint or iris scan to get into the hidden folders. Yes, the phone’s octa-core chipset offers plenty of grunt and it’s filled with new and innovative biometric security features, but scratch beneath the surface, and there’s a wealth of further Samsung Galaxy S8 features just waiting to be explored. To fire up the Secure Folder on your S8 you’ll need to pop into the Samsung Galaxy Store to install the Secure Folder app. Microsoft and Samsung apps are optimised for DeX meaning you don’t really need to compromise when working right there on your phone rather than your PC. It’s not cheap though, as you’ll need to pay $150 (£100, AU$190) for your DeX. If you’ve not enabled it, then you’ll have to head into the camera app and hit the right elements to cajole sharper images out of the handset while you’re recording - yes, it’ll take up more space but if you’ve got a decent microSD card then it’s... The Samsung Galaxy S8 - along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - is arguably the most eagerly awaited Android phone of the year, so when your pre-order finally hits your doorstep you're going to want to get to grips with it right away. Source:

5 Business-Friendly Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases - Business News Daily

The Spigen case comes in black, blue coral and gold maple. The case comes in black and works with a wireless charging pad. Save a trip to the repair center by getting a case that will protect your phone, give you peace of mind and maybe enhance some of those fancy Galaxy S8 features. The keyboard works right out of the box and doesn't need to be paired or charged. Some people prefer the feel of physical keys hitting a keyboard to a touch screen. Use the 198-degree ultra-wide fish eye lens, 0. 63X wide angle Lens or the 15X micro lens to take everything from product shots to professional-looking business headshots. The case has impact protection and is designed with a raised bezel to protect the sides of your phone. When Samsung's Galaxy S8 hit the market, more than a few people wondered if it would catch fire in a good or bad way. Here are five of the best business-friendly Samsung Galaxy S8 cases around. The two-piece case set includes a molded polycarbonate shell to protect the Galaxy S8 and a detachable, full-size QWERTY keyboard. The Unity System comes in black, blue and white and is $34. 99. The Samsung Galaxy S8 already has a high quality, 12-MP camera lens, so why not take your images to the next level. The lightweight aluminum, anti-impact metal case comes with three lenses that screw directly onto the case, enhancing the photo quality of your phone. Thanks to the $59. 99 Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard , you experience that feeling once again. The UAG Monarch is compatible with Samsung Pay and the Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Convertible. It'll cost you $59. 99. MyMe Unity System is a magnetic two-piece phone case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that allows you to swivel your phone 360 degrees and attach it to multiple surfaces, freeing up your hands. That's where the $34. 99 Spigen Galaxy S8 Case Crystal Wallet comes in. The slim and stylish phone case comes equipped with a covered slot that holds two credit cards or cash, so you can carry just the items you need. Source:

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