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Samsung Galaxy S5: Connect to HDTV /MHL Adapter EPL-3FHU Through HDMI Port

A video showing you how to connect the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the HD TV using the HDTV /MHL Adapter EPL-3FHU and HDMI Cable.

Connect Galaxy S5 to HDTV using your HDMI/HDTV Adapter

Update: If you are looking for a device to screen mirror "wirelessly" to your TV you may want to check out these two devices: .

HDMI - HDTV Adapter : MHL2 For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Test Gaming On Samsung TV | Español

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Samsung Galaxy S3: Connecting HDTV /MHL Adapter EPL-3FHU Through HDMI Port

Learn how to display the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the HD TV using the HDTV/ MHL adapter and the HDMI cable.

Authentic Samung Galaxy & Note HDTV MHL Micro-USB to HDMI Adapter In-Depth Full Review HD 2016

How to connect your Samsung Galaxy & Note from MHL to HDMI.

Cable HDMI para Samsung Galaxy S3-S4-S5- Note 2 -3- 4

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How to Connect MHL to HDMI Adapter 1080P Review for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S 8.4 10.1 S5 S3 Note 3

MHL to HDMI Adapter Review for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S 8. 4 10. 1 S5 S3 Note 3.

Adaptador HDMI Samsung - Unboxing y Análisis

Os traigo un nuevo vídeo en el que analizo el adaptador HDMI para dispositivos Samsung, como el.

Connect a Samsung tablet to a monitor via a HDMI cable and the optional HDMI (HDTV) adapters

via a HDMI cable , using the option Samsung HDMI adapter.

Samsung smart tv model UE46ES8000 hdmi cable and signal issues.

When I unplug the hdmi cable from the port the signal returns.

The Frame by Samsung Is Not a Work of Art, But It Sure Is a Fine TV - Gizmodo

The only other cable that comes out of the TV is the power cord. That said, the TV part of the package is actually quite good. You can do the things that you do with any smart TV, like install apps and access the internet. There’s also an app to control the TV’s Art Mode. Would I encourage you to spend an extra thousand bucks to get a TV that promises to be a work of art. It features a 120 Hz refresh rate and a 240 Hz motion rate. So even if you’re not mounting the Frame and instead using the sturdy, almost industrial stand that comes with the TV, you can maintain that minimalist appeal. The unique art mode allows you to select prints, paintings, or photographs to display on the screen when the TV’s power is off. You can also upload your own photos or images to display on the screen when the TV is in Art Mode, again, by using the smartphone app. Due to a legal agreement with my landlord (my lease), I was not able to mount the Frame, but I can appreciate the minimalist appeal of a TV that just looks as clean as a painting in a mid-century art studio. Thing is, the primary selling point of the Frame isn’t just about being a high-quality display or a full featured smart TV. It’s about the complete package and the aesthetic appeal it offers as a medium for artworks. The Frame comes with 100 works of art from 37 artists, and there’s an art store where you can buy more through a dedicated smartphone app. Neat idea, sure, but inevitably, The Frame by Samsung is still just a television wrapped in a fancy sales pitch. The Frame runs Tizen 3. 0, the latest version of Samsung’s proprietary operating system. Just recently, Samsung also announced a 43-inch version of the Frame but didn’t specify the price. (The refresh rate refers to how many times the image on the screen refreshes, and the motion rate is software that inserts frames between the actual refresh rate to make the picture seem smoother. Would I recommend the quality of the display in the Frame by Samsung. As CNET points out , the Frame’s specifications “are roughly equivalent to the [Samsung] MU8000 series of 4K TVs. And since the display itself is roughly equivalent to those in cheaper Samsung TVs, you’re definitely paying a big premium for this wannabe haute couture hardware. All that said, I can’t get past the fact that Samsung is trying to sell you a TV that doubles as a display for art. ”) You’ve also got HDR Pro, which is a marketing term Samsung and other manufacturers use to imply that the color range of its TVs provide some of the benefits of HDR but don’t quite hit the HDR10 standards for peak brightness. ” Those TVs are $700 and $1,000 cheaper than the 55-inch and 65-inch Frame TVs, respectively. The Frame by Samsung is about as pretentious as a television could be. It’s a $2,000 4K TV that doubles as a digital display for works of art. The screen itself has that dull glossy sheen that most TVs have, and when the TV is in Art Mode, it’s dreadfully obvious that it’s just a digital image on an edge-lit display. Out of the box, the Frame has a thin, black bezel, but you can buy a customizable bezel with a walnut, beige wood, or white finish for an extra $200 or $250 , depending on the size of your TV. The decorative bezel snaps right on to the TV using... I’ve spent the past couple of weeks with The Frame in my living room, and I’ll admit it’s a nice TV. Samsung actually calls it “The most beautiful TV you’ve never seen” in its marketing materials. So there’s no fooling me or my guests that there’s now a painting where my TV used to be. It just looks like a really nice TV. In the end, you can buy an equally good TV for much lower price—even one made by Samsung. This system uses a noodle-thin cord that connects the port-free TV to the separate One Connect Box, where your HDMI, optical audio, USB, and other cords go. In other words, you plug one tiny cord into the TV and that connects to the slim box with... READ ME A fine TV Billed as a digital canvas for art, but honestly still just looks like a TV with art on the screen Wonderfully designed Way too expensive SPEC DUMP 4K LED display • HDR Pro • 120 Hz (240 Hz effective) refresh rate • quad-core... Source:

Philips is prepping a massively wide 49-inch monitor with curved ... - PC Gamer

If it is an outrageously wide monitor you are after, clear up some desk space and get ready to choose between multiple options. Philips is planning to release the 492P8 sometime in the second quarter of next year. That said, some specs could change between now and whenever Philips releases its monitor. Connectivity appears fairly robust on the 492P8. It has two HDMI inputs to go along with D-Sub and DisplayPort options. However, Philips' model lacks certain amenities found on Samsung's panel, such as quantum dot technology/QLED backlighting and FreeSync 2 support. We already know that Samsung is working on a 49-inch ultra-wide monitor ( C49HG90 ) with FreeSync 2 support, but now we've learned that Philips is getting in on the action with a cheaper option. That's a few hundred dollars less than Samsung's monitor, which can be found on Amazon for $1,500. Both monitors offer a 3840x1080 resolution with a 32:9 aspect ratio, and both have an 1800R curvature. Source:

Samsung UBD-M9500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player review: Better color and integration with Samung's ecosystem - TechHive

It’s the same interface you’ll find on the company’s latest TVs and is just as clean, simple, and easy to use. Regardless, it’s a step up from the nice, but somewhat old-school interface found on the UBD-K8500. We hope so. Mentioned in this article We rarely mention help or user’s guides, as they’re generally pretty well done these days. Oh, and there’s support for 360-degree video—sort of, at least. It didn’t play our 5. 1- or 7. 1-channel surround, or 32-bit/96kHz wave files but it handled all the other frequencies and bit depths fine. Whomever is designing them at, or for Samsung deserves a raise. Outside of LG’s magic remote, which controls a free-ranging cursor like those on PC operating systems, the One Remote series are our favorites. Samsung needs to do a much better job of getting their users out of first gear. webm files that) files you download from YouTube, or for those you’ll find at video. That’s all well and good for Samsung true believers and evangelists. But we found no help in the user’s guide nor any online videos to explain streaming to mobile devices, or playing 360-degree video. The One Remote remote control is also a nice step forward from the one included with the UBD-K8500, which wasn’t bad to begin with. For the rest of us…. But our biggest complaint about the 360-degree video and wireless media broadcasting is that the features are called out on Samsung’s website in huge bold fonts with tiny hard-to-read caveats buried at the end. The UBD-M9500 played the vast majority of video files stored on our USB hard drive, including all the frame rates and flavors of MPEG, h. 264, and h. 265 that we’re aware of. It even handled more modern versions of QuickTime and some older Real... The maximum audio resolution is 24-bit, 192kHz, but the player does not support SACDs or DFF files as some others do. The UBD-M9500 does, however, handle all the most common audio formats (MP3, WMA, M4A, etc. Streaming video and audio to mobile devices is the same proprietary kind of deal, requiring Samsung’s Connect app on a Galaxy smartphone or tablet to function. Dolby Vision HDR missing in action Now’s the time in a Samsung A/V review when we do the Dolby Vision stance dance. But it doesn’t support Dolby Vision, and if you’re not a card carrying member of Samsung’s proprietary electronic universe, the 360-degree video and media-streaming features are minimally attractive. While a new OLED display, Smart Hub interface and One Remote remote control are the most salient differences between the new UBD-M9500 and the older UBD-K8500, there are a several significant updates under the hood. Samsung UBD-M9500: a great player for the money The UBD-M9500 is a great player. Just how important Dolby’s HDR format will be in the long run remains to be seen, but Samsung steadfastly refuses to support it, while all the other major vendors do. The UBD-M9500 renders HDR-10 wonderfully, but whether it can support the... The player supports all the audio bitstreams you’d expect it would, including Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, and DTS-HD Master Audio. The chassis is now made of more durable and electron-resistant metal, rather than plastic, and there’s a built-in 802. 11ac Wi-Fi adapter where the previous models is only 802. 11n. The new model unit can also stream video and audio wirelessly to... On the geekier side, 4:2:2 color is now supported at 60Hz, 2160p, rather than just 24Hz 2160p. UBD-M9500 on-screen interface and remote The UBD-M9500 adopts the latest Samsung Smart Hub interface, which will add smart features and apps to your TV... Now, about that 360-degree video support: It’s only for videos produced by Samsung’s own line of VR cameras and converted using a Samsung device. Source:

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  • The Frame by Samsung Is Not a Work of Art, But It Sure Is a Fine TV

    09/11/17 ,via Gizmodo

    This system uses a noodle-thin cord that connects the port-free TV to the separate One Connect Box, where your HDMI, optical audio, USB, and other cords go. In other words, you plug one tiny cord into the TV and that connects to the slim box with all

  • Philips is prepping a massively wide 49-inch monitor with curved ...

    09/11/17 ,via PC Gamer

    If it is an outrageously wide monitor you are after, clear up some desk space and get ready to choose between multiple options. We already know that Samsung 

  • Samsung UBD-M9500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player review: Better color and integration with Samung's ecosystem

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    The Samsung UBD-M9500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player (about $300 at Amazon)—the company's new flagship—looks very much like its 2016 predecessor, the UBD-K8500 (still available at Amazon for about $100 less). It's sleek and all black, with a curved


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