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Caldwell Matrix Gun Rest Review ( Fits rifles and pistols )

An inexpensive entry level gun rest that works with both pistols and long guns.

Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest Full Review

Video i made of an affordable, yet very versatile rifle and pistol shooting rest.

Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest

Caldwell sets a new standard for value, performance and features in the Matrix shooting rest.

Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest

Caldwell's Matrix Shooting Rest is a perfect choice for the shooter who does it all.

Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest

From time to time, I'll bring you reviews of things I've spent my own 'wampum' on to try out.

Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest


Caldwell shooting rest

What a great shooting rest when zeroing your rifle, adjusting your pistol sights or having a stable platform.

Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest

Caldwell Matrix Shooting Rest review.

Donnie D's Caldwell Matrix shooting rest review

First of all, please everyone contact your representatives about this gun control nonsense, and ask them to please protect our 2nd ammendment rights.

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Gun Test: SIG Sauer M400 Predator - Daily Caller

This past year, SIG went back to the M400 Predator design to upgrade it once more. SIG Sauer introduced the original M400 Predator back in 2013, building off its earlier M400 base model. The stock allows shooters to adjust length of pull to fit their needs, which, for a bundled up predator hunter in the middle of winter may be very necessary. The rifle comes equipped with a thread protector for when the shooter isn’t using a muzzle device. Thankfully, the new SIG Sauer M400 Predator offers plenty in that department. Another accuracy-enhancing feature is the two-stage, match-grade trigger that comes installed on the gun straight from the factory. The hunting field is no longer the sole domain of the bolt-action rifle. This is something any predator hunter—or competitive shooter, for that matter —should appreciate as a standard feature. For testing purposes, I equipped the rifle with another one of SIG’s great products, the Tango 6 3-18x44mm riflescope. Manufacturers, on the other hand, have been able to market their black rifles to a new, previously unreached segment of the market. Indeed, over most of the 20th century, the hunting woods were almost exclusively the domains of traditional bolt- or lever-action rifles. Not so long ago, the notion of bringing a Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) into the field as a serious hunting tool seemed like a highly foreign concept. The new ALG Defense handguard also seems like a definite improvement, being quite slim and lightweight while offering ample mounting points for things like a light, laser or bipod. Of course it will also accept standard AR magazines with larger capacities as well for those who want to use the gun for home defense, as a tactical carbine or for competition purposes. Better yet: Click here to see the FREE downloads on all thing Guns & Gear from Gun Digest. With manufacturers building quality, dedicated hunting ARs, the prospect of going afield with a MSR is looking better and better to many shooters. Although those accessories may seem inconsequential to some hunters, for those in states that permit hunting predators at night using lights and/or night vision devices, having that capability is certainly appreciated. SIG Sauer’s Elite Performance 77-grain OTM load produced the best accuracy overall, with the average group size at 1. 63 inches. But an AR-15 or similar gun used as a hunting rifle. It was a cold, windy day on Colorado’s Front Range and I had done a fair bit of shooting before I set up to do the accuracy test. The basic M400 was significant for SIG because the manufacturer was already well known for producing gas piston-operated designs, and the M400 used a more traditional direct-impingement gas system like those found on the majority of ARs. Like the original M400 Predator, the upgraded gun utilizes durable, hard coat anodized aluminum receivers, with the upper being a flat top design featuring a section of Picatinny rail for optics. There are plenty of instances in which your quarry may hang up at a relatively long range, and if your rifle isn’t accurate at moderate ranges, things certainly won’t improve as the distance stretches. SIG Sauer’s new M400 Predator is a perfect example of a gun maker building an AR from the ground up to serve the hunting community. Meanwhile, the 55-grain FMJ HPR load produced a 1. 87-inch average group, while its best group was 1. 23 inches. Regardless, these numbers are perfectly acceptable for most shooters, and I would feel plenty confident going after coyotes or any other predator with this rifle, especially given the gun’s completely malfunction-free operation during my time with... The gun retains the ambidextrous controls found on the original rifle, including an ambidextrous safety selector, ambidextrous magazine release and ambidextrous QD sling attachment points. All these features are great, of course, but when it comes time to take a shot on a wary coyote or similar predator, you need a rifle that offers plenty of accuracy afield. With its two-stage, match-grade trigger, pre-threaded 18-inch stainless steel barrel and slim, extended ALG Defense EMR V2 forend, this rifle is ready for any predator hunting task. It was a very nice optic, and one well suited for mid- to long-range tactical shooting, as well as hunting. Most readily apparent, the manufacturer swapped out the fixed MOE stock for a more versatile telescoping MOE Carbine stock and traded the previous forend for ALG Defense’s Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) V2, a slim-profile, free-floated aluminum... Also similar to the original rifle, this new M400 Predator has a 1:8-inch twist barrel for stabilizing both the lighter bullets, such as those of the 55-grain variety, as well as heavier bullets in the 70-grain range that many hunters prefer. People using the AR to hunt have begun to realize that the platform’s relatively good accuracy and the ability for a rapid follow-up shot makes for a pretty darn good hunting rifle, especially when paired with the right load. The new and improved M400 Predator also features an 18-inch stainless steel barrel that comes pre-threaded with ½-inch-28 threads for those wanting to run the gun with a suppressor, an increasingly popular addition given the growing number of... The trigger is one of the most important aspects of any rifle designed for hunting or competition, and the one on this new rifle is quite good, and it pairs nicely with the ergonomic Hogue rubberized grip with pebbled texture. The market for AR-style rifles has flourished over the past decade or so, and in this boom of black rifles, manufacturers and shooters have branched out from the AR’s typical territory as a “tactical” rifle. Accuracy data was the result of three, five-shot groups taken at 100 yards using a Caldwell Matrix shooting rest, also from Brownells. The original M400 Predator incorporated this same system, but came with a longer 18-inch barrel, a fixed Magpul MOE stock, and an aluminum free-floated, tube-style handguard—features designed to aid the shooter in precise shooting at extended... Overall, the M400 Predator is a reliable, accurate and sweet-shooting AR that comes with a host of great features, and it comes at a relatively affordable price for what you’re getting at $1,446. If you want a MSR that comes ready for serious... Source:

Why Less is More for Whitetail Cartridges - North American Whitetail Magazine

But we don’t hunt in Jurassic Park. That extra punch might help you add some sag to the game pole. My list hasn’t come close to including all options, and I still like to try new ones. In the woods, skill under pressure often matters at least as much as what’s stamped on the barrel. Slam a decent chunk of mushrooming metal into the vitals and a deer dies quickly. This isn’t to knock a well-made 100-grain bullet. Likewise, those hit marginally rarely do — again, irrespective of cartridge. In the woods, any urge to look up quickly to see the shot’s result will further jeopardize accuracy. 257 bullets, I feel it’s a safer threshold than 100 grains, which drops us into. While all of my hunts have been with a Thompson/Center Icon or Ruger M77 Hawkeye and Hornady rounds, more gun and ammunition makers are boarding this train every year. Even the thickest whitetail is near the lower end of the weight range for big game, with thin hide and light bones. Blame the gun if you like, but poor results more often are due to practice: either too little or too much. We know lack of time on the range doesn’t help — but then, neither does absorbing abuse while there. Thus was born a superb target cartridge that also is low-recoil whitetail poison. I’ve killed many deer with them. Today I mostly hang out in the shoulder-friendly part of the deer-cartridge spectrum. In rifle hunting whitetails in over two dozen states and provinces, I’ve toted centerfires from the puny. 264 hunting bullets run 120-140 grains, with a high ballistic coefficient that helps them buck stiff crosswinds. At reasonable whitetail ranges, most legal cartridges can get it done just fine. Tortured into an honest answer, most experts would admit it’s been ages since the world truly needed a new whitetail cartridge. Still, being eager to recover what I shoot, I’d rather not be limited to 100 grains of payload. Extra-loud, mule-kicking rifles encourage poor shooting. Maybe it’s ironic, given how I’ve scoffed at the lack of need for new cartridges, that this one didn’t even exist until 2009. That’s when Hornady engineers tweaked the. I’ve had great results on every deer or antelope shot with this cartridge. But no matter the cartridge or time zone, I’ve found that deer hit in the vitals die in a hurry. But then, need doesn’t always have that much to do with it. We seek fun just as much as venison or antlers, and part of the fun of hunting lies in telling friends why our gear is better than their gear. My advice is simply to use the deer-class cartridge you shoot best. I want a gun that’s easy to shoot and puts at least 120 grains of bullet where it needs to go. While this weight minimum excludes anything lighter than the heaviest. Source:

Gun Test: M&P 45 Shield - Daily Caller

Reach to the trigger is short. This version features a slide safety just under. from accidental dropping of the mag in carry. Although some testers found the stippling too aggressive, Mas. these pistols are engineered to be “drop-safe. Mas handed. 05-inch thick at its widest point, and the 9mm and. Mas advises against using the forward under-slide serrations. The triggerguard (right, middle) is rounded and the trigger. The stainless steel slide and frame is nicely sculpted for. the pistol is already coming back on target. 45, it’s 6 and 7. In each caliber, add one more for the chambered round. 45 ACP out of a petite polymer pistol weighing only about 21 ounces unloaded. fine accuracy from the small pistol. Concealment under an un-tucked, open-front shirt was fine. I tucked in the T-shirt between gun and flesh, donned a vest, and all was fine again. gave Mas the tightest group from the 25-yard bench right where. This was the best group of the test. 38 Special +P in the 5-shot, all-steel J-Frames once S&W’s bread-and-butter concealed handguns. Again, use some sort of “pistol pocket protector. I really like it, and so did most folks on the test team. Its slim profile lends itself well to inside the waistband carry. 45 Automatic Colt Pistol version joins the 9mm and. ), but this group of experienced handgunners were pretty much agreed the recoil was less than we would have expected from a full-power. found it glued the pistol to his hand and caused no discomfort. Better yet: Click here to get GUNS Magazine delivered to your home. It’s one of the first things a shooter notices picking it up. Shooters with. ” This load put all five 230-grain FMJ’s into 2. 30 inches (talk about coincidence. 45 (with 230-grain FMJ) were about equal, and neither objectionably more than the 9mm. For perspective, recoil is a lot more comfortable in the. For those who don’t care for a thumb safety at all on this type of pistol, S&W offers the. I’ve mentioned the downside of the stippling issue, and the difficulty in putting it on-safe 1-handed. concealed carry and the slide is coated in black Melonite. This is one reason it has become very popular for folks with smaller hands. My fingers are about average length for an adult male, and this lets me get my distal joint instead of the pad of the index finger on the trigger, affording more leverage. 40 Shields. 45 Shield than. 45 Shield met with instant welcome. 45 Shield experience seem split on this. 45 Shield can be found on the GunsAmerica website. 45 Shield discharged, but it was closer to a “tingle” than a “sting. In a belly band, it conceals and carries quite comfortably under a tucked-in shirt in crossdraw, appendix, or behind on the strong-side hip. and (bottom) the 9mm. The SIG 200-grain V-Crown JHP fired at 25 yards delivered. 45 and smaller Shields. This amazing “sub-group” consisted of one raggedy hole, the third bullet hole all but disappearing at the bottom between the other two in the cluster. Switching a Kydex IWB from Green Force Tactical, the Shield. Price: $479. With loose-fitting pants and a pocket holster (above), trouser pocket. They’re too small to give traction to a support hand performing a chamber check from the front, and to my mind, are close enough to the muzzle on this very short pistol for me to worry about using. Testing the Shield. the rear slide serrations, and to the left is the slide release. The aforementioned Justin Opinion loves the rubbery Talon grip treatment for the Shield. There’s not a lot of size difference between Shields. On the Internet however, I see a few owners who feel the stippling is too aggressive, and feel it stings their hand upon recoil. ” When my test sample Shield. 45 Shield in a no-thumb-safety configuration. 45 Shield’s aggressive stippling pretty much goes away. 45 Shield has a new, more aggressive stippling pattern. FMJ fired at 25 yards from the S&W Shield. The S&W Shield proved utterly reliable in our test. Carrying the Shield. The only Shields I’ve seen malfunction in classes turned out to be bone dry, and once lubed perked 100 percent again. M&P 45 Shield Maker: S&W. 2100 Roosevelt Avenue, Springfield, MA 01104 – (800) 331-0852. Action type: Striker fired semi-auto. Only one shooter felt the Shield. carry is possible with the Shield. Group size was determined between the farthest shots being measured, center-to-center of the bullet holes, to the nearest 0. 05-inch. The Shield seems to be most commonly carried on the belt. In only about 4 years after its introduction, Smith & Wesson’s Shield variation of their polymer-framed, striker-fired Military & Police series had already sold a million units. 45’s trigger pull on the Lyman digital gauge, average pull weight from the toe of trigger ran 6 pounds. The accuracy was much better than I had dared to hope for, the recoil controllable, and the size almost unnoticeably greater than the smaller Shields that preceded the. Most carry the Shield in a hip holster. 45 Shields side by side on my range, the 9mm naturally kicked the least. Breast pocket carry suits the Shield also, though you’ll want heavier than tropical-weight fabric to prevent sag. Remington’s 185-grain JHP put all five shots in 1. 45 inches, and the best three 0. 30 center to center. The Shield’s dimensions widen the number of its concealed carry options. A few years ago when Jim Unger of Smith & Wesson showed me the first Shields at a trade show, I exclaimed, “My God, Jim, the trigger is better than on your regular M&P’s. Don’t carry a pistol of this type loose in a pocket, or with anything else in the same pocket that’s holding it and its holster. Almost everyone who tried our test sample said something like, “That’s the best pull I’ve ever felt on a factory Shield. 45 Shield was tested with factory loads in the three most popular bullet weights for the caliber. in shooting. I found the Shield a little big for pocket carry, but many have found it more adaptable for this purpose than I. Its flat profile conceals well in “Dockers”-style dress slacks, or in cargo pants. Worn in a Galco belt slide after 3 months plus carrying a full-size, all-steel 1911, the feathery Shield almost felt as if it wasn’t there. The right-hand-only thumb safety was easier for me to off-safe than the ones on my other Shields, though there seems to be no visible difference in dimension. SIG V-crown 200-grain JHP delivered five hits in 3. 80 inches, the best three in 1. 90. The 230-grain full metal jacket is the classic training load for a. 45 ACP, and was represented here with Federal’s RTP, which stands for “Range, Target,... For the many who prefer outside the waistband holsters, the thinness of the Shield combined with its short dimension from butt to top of slide allows the best possible concealment while still affording swift access. Steve Denney, a retired police supervisor, told me it had come out of the box shooting left, but he corrected it with a universal sight pusher. ” If I had been shooting a thousand rounds a day, I might have changed my opinion partway through. The pistol fit the hand well, with great trigger reach, yet was slim and flat as well as compact in all dimensions, and hit the bull’s-eye of its target, the concealed carry market. Several users on the Internet and a couple of my test team complained about getting the last round or two in the magazine by hand, though even my old arthritic fingers could do it. I did notice inserting a full magazine with the slide forward on a... For those who disregard this advice, the option of a right-hand-only thumb safety on the Shield allows at least one safety net. 45 arrived, serial number HNS6552, one of my test crew got to shoot it before I did. Average from the center of trigger turned out to be 6. 63 pounds, which is less than the usual difference between these two measuring points on a pivoting trigger like the Shield’s. Steve was the first on the test team to shoot this gun. We could all tell we were shooting a. 45 Shield and not the 9mm or the. 40 S&W Shield in your gunshop’s showcase, we are reminded why this pistol has become so popular for concealed carry permit holders, off duty cops and uniformed officers who carry backup guns. I lost count of how many rounds got put through the gun by the many hands offered a chance to shoot it, but several hundred including ball, assorted JHP, and even the occasional lead bullet reload went downrange. Each Shield in each chambering comes with one short magazine for maximum concealment of the loaded pistol, and one extended magazine creating room for the pinky finger on the grip. Overall group size came first, a good determinant of what the gun could do in stabilized, experienced human hands with stress factored out, followed by measurement of the best three hits, which is a reliable predictor of what the whole 5-shot... (If you’ll forgive a pun, my thumb just tells me so, even if I can’t put my finger on it. ) However, to on-safe, I had to turn the pistol a bit and break my hold for the shooting hand’s thumb to reach it, or use my support hand thumb. At 25 yards from a Caldwell Matrix rest on a concrete bench, S&W’s. Source:


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    Springer. 2016. ISBN: 9783319456140,3319456148. 275 pages.

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