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Disassemble your Samsung Galaxy S4 for Screen/Parts Repair

For those of you who need to repair your Galaxy S4 for either LCD screen replacement or.

Tear Down & Parts Replacement of Samsung Galaxy J7-6 2016 Edition by BCD Tech

See the tear down of Samsung Galaxy J7-6 2016 edition by BCD Tech.

Galaxy S8 Teardown - Complete Repair Video

com/jerryrig The Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus are both going to be the exact same repair.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ LCD & Touch Screen Replacement Guide - RepairsUniverse

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Replacement Parts: http://www.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Take Apart Repair Guide - RepairsUniverse

Find brand new Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime replacement parts and repair tools at RepairsUniverse.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Replacement Guide - RepairsUniverse

Replace your S7 Edge battery today.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) Screen Repair, Teardown and Reassemble -

This step-by-step repair video will.

Samsung Galxy J7 Take Apart Repair Guide - RepairsUniverse

Find brand new Samsung Galaxy J7 replacement parts and repair tools at RepairsUniverse.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime LCD & Touch Screen Replacement Guide - RepairsUniverse

Don't put up with a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime phone that has a cracked screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Replacement -Screen repair/Teardown

hello guys this shows you how to replace screen and other parts of the phone.


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  • My Samsung Galaxy S 4

    Pearson Education. 2017. ISBN: 9780789751577,0789751577. 526 pages.

    Introduces the major features of the Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones, covering such topics as texting, accessing the Internet, downloading apps, sharing pictures, playing music and videos, using maps, and maximizing shortcuts.

  • Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier: An Easy Guide to Best Features

    First Rank Publishing. 2016. 40 pages.

    The Samsung gear s3 classic and frontier are new and upcoming smart watches that are circular Tizen based watches that are developed by Samsung Electronics. It was officially announced in August 2016 with all the relevant specifications. The Samsung Gear S3 Classic will have Bluetooth technology while the Samsung Gear S3 frontier will have LTE technology as an additional feature. They both use the Tizen based Wearable Platform 2.3.2 for their operating system. The Gear S3 Class has dimensions...

  • Samsung ARTIK Reference

    Apress. 2016. ISBN: 9781484223222,1484223225. 409 pages.

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