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SAMSUNG Opener notification - Sound Effect ▌Improved With Audacity ▌

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The Opener

Samsung smart bottle opener

Samsung smart bottle opener.

Samsung sports opener

Samsung sports opener.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Bottle Opener

A Samsung Galaxy Phone which has a bottle opening app.

Pack opener #1 (only on Samsung.)

via YouTube Capture.

The Fastest Bottle Opener

Crazy Bottle Opener.

NBA Opener Right In Your Living Room - Virtually

Tossing sports fans into the deep end of technology, the NBA Tuesday night is offering the first game of the season in virtual reality, in realtime.

Bottle Opener Test

Jay Z Samsung Private Show House Of Blues Chicago Opener

Josh Norman to Dez Bryant in new Samsung ad: 'You are choking on my dust' - Washington Post

For other guys, he probably will do the worst to them because he’ll bully them. But you can’t bully a bully. “Are you saying that Dez can’t catch anymore. It seemingly sparked a new individual rivalry for Norman, who had famously feuded with Odell Beckham Jr. the year before, but the cornerback made it clear a few days later that he was ready to move on from the episode. Still, one has to wonder: Will there be more drama between the players in 2017. “No,” Norman replies with a shrug from behind a podium when posed that question in a new ad for the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. That’s why his game doesn’t resonate to me. ”. Bryant was asked if Norman’s comments bothered him. ” replies the reporter in the 30-second spot, which will air during Thursday’s NFL season opener between the Chiefs and Patriots on NBC. “That’s a guy,” Norman said , when Dunne asked him to do some word association and mentioned Bryant’s name in May. Dez was Dez in 2012, ’13, ’14. Maybe ’14. Now. He’ll see me when he sees me. When I line up against him, we’re going to go at it. That’s what it is. ”. So, will there be drama between Norman and Bryant leading up to the first of their two regular season meetings at FedEx Field on Oct. “Nah,” Norman says as he writes ‘I’m Better Than Dez Bryant’ on his phone using the Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen. [ Josh Norman expects ‘a lot of fines and maybe some suspensions’ in NFC East games ]. “Why did you just post this image of Dez Bryant with sticks of butter for hands. Redskins cornerback Josh Norman and Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant scuffled on the field and later criticized each other in their postgame news conferences following Dallas’s Thanksgiving Day win at AT&T Stadium last season. “Josh, you literally just posted an image that says ‘I’m Better Than Dez Bryant,'” the reporter says. You wish you were as cool and handsome, as fast …’”. Norman and Bryant are expected to exchange trash talk on social media as part of the ad campaign, and while that back-and-forth will be fabricated, Norman’s verbal jabs at Bryant during an... Source:

Avoiding convenience is more convenient than convenience - Lakewood Sentinel

That was the last piece of my technology puzzle, and I solved it years ago. There is no new technology to abate rudeness either. Automobile manufacturers keep coming up with stuff, but they haven’t been able to come up with better drivers. ” I can shop at home, and miss out on traffic, parking and rabble. Mall rabble, like nothing else, gets to a curmudgeon in amounts that exceed the recommended maximum daily intake of human interaction by, oh, 100 percent. I don’t have a mobile device. I haven’t worn a watch in 30 years, and I am never late. Never have, and never will, and I seem to be subsisting. Alexa, don’t peel me a grape. I am able to send a column like this to my editor without seeing my editor. Snapchat is not new, but Snapchat Spectacles are. I would like to turn a few bad drivers into lizards (after they parked, of course). When they develop a product that allows me to impose my will on others like Elizabeth Montgomery could, sign me up. All she had to do was twitch her upturned nose (“Bewitched,” 1964-72), and either Dick York or Dick Sargent would turn into a lizard. There are things that do things that I didn’t even know needed to be done. What I want and what I need are just about the same thing. It means, however, that I miss out on running into someone I haven’t seen in 25 years, who wants to talk about her granddaughter. I don’t want a Timex. I don’t want a Rolex. I don’t want Tesla. I don’t want Alexa. I do own and operate many of the usual suspects: a television with a remote, a garage door opener, and a dishwasher. There are new technologies that I neither want nor need. I don’t want to be able to turn my house lights on and off from a restaurant. I need Snapchat like I need someone to remind what Tuesday Weld’s first name is. I juried a national personal robotic art exhibition in 1980, and was asked at the time what I wanted a robot to do for me someday. I don’t want a girlfriend who wants a Hermes bag. I don’t want a camera in my car or a camera in my refrigerator (Samsung makes one). Don’t want one, don’t need one. Source:

Tigers dominate Knox in home opener - Linn County Leader

The 2-0 Marceline Tigers head to Burlington Field for the annual Bell Game, where they will do battle with the Brookfield Bulldogs. We didn't have any last week, and this week we had two defensive touchdowns. Hunter Teeter would reel in three passes for 63 yards on the night. Nathan Sayre would recover an Eagles fumble, and return it eight yards for a score as well. Chase Billups would throw his first touchdown pass of the season on that play, and would end the contest going 6-9 for 125 yards in the air. Hough noted that the Eagles using a spread offense this week, which was vastly different than they had used all season long, took the team by surprise. The Marceline offense would be led by Rylan Chrisman, who rushed for 209 yards on 19 carries, scoring five times. The Tigers took advantage of five Eagles turnovers, all of which turned into points, to send the Black Rage faithful home with a big win. Perhaps the most memorable offensive play of the game came in the second quarter, when Trey Hamilton tipped a pass to Levi Terrell, who would score from 43 yards out. The Tigers wold hold Knox County to 143 total yards of offense on the night. The Marceline Tigers took care of business on Friday night to advance to 2-0 on the season with a 61-0 win over Knox County. Clayton Stallo and Teeter would both pick off errant Knox County passes, with Teeter returning one for a 71-yard score. Source:


  • My Smart Home for Seniors

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  • Live Life Colorfully

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  • My Samsung Galaxy S III

    Que Publishing. 2012. ISBN: 9780133035070,0133035077. 528 pages.

    Friendly, quick, and 100% practical, My Samsung Galaxy S III is the must-have companion for every Samsung Galaxy S III user. Authored by Dr. Steven Schwartz, a leading expert in demystifying complex technologies, this book walks new users through every task they'll want to perform, including: * Setting up the Samsung Galaxy S III and mastering its TouchWiz touch interface * Placing and receiving calls * Browsing the web with the latest mobile version of Google Chrome * Using social networks,...


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sepia book open library
Open book
Taken with Samsung U900 Soul. @ Faculty of Arts Library
Photo by Honou on Flickr
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sun sets on the Revel
2 billion dollar casino hotel closes not very long after opening
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(Taken with Vignette and Instagram on my mobile phone.)
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