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Rusted out battery tray needs attention, previous owner just tried to use a plastic replacement.

How to Make a Custom Battery Tray with the Box & Pan Brake - Eastwood

Use the 24" Box & Pan brake to Create a Custom Battery Tray or Box & add strength using the bead roller.

How To Install Replace Battery Tray 2000-06 Chevy Suburban Tahoe GMC Yukon

utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=videodesc&utm_term=NtB4B3ekGtc In the video, 1A Auto shows.

Cafe Racer Build Part 6, Making An Electrics & Battery Tray, 78 Suzuki GS550

Day 6 and it's time to make a tray for the electrics and battery for my cafe racer project our of 1mm mild steel.

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Easy and Simple, yet EFFECTIVE.

vw bus welding in a battery tray.

welding it up.

How to replace the battery tray

How To Use a Pan Brake to Make a Battery Tray. Eastwood

A Box-Pan Brake allows you to make bends on all four sides of a piece of metal to form a box.

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This episode we will be continuing work on the engine bay.

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Panasonic Eluga A3 Pro Review: Good Camera and Battery Performance - PC-Tablet News

To come back to home screen tap it once and to start the Google assistant, hold it for few seconds. Normal, Panorama and Picture in picture mode. The camera app is very basic with only three modes. It can learn when you leave your workplace and advise you to order a cab if you take a cab home. You can add a shortcut to ARBO on your home screen so that you can launch it anytime you want. Like if you want to launch the recent apps menu, tap the button twice. The sensor also works as the home button, but there are no back or recent apps button. ARBO is an app which you have to launch from the app drawer. The fingerprint sensor also comes with a gesture to launch any app right after unlocking the smartphone using the fingerprint or the security PIN. the top edge has the 3. 5 mm audio port, on the right are the power and volume rocker buttons, the SIM card tray slot is on the left side, and the micro USB port is at the bottom edge. ARBO is Panasonic’s own AI assistant comes pre built in Panasonic smartphones which are basically an assistant which learns your daily activity and suggest your actions according to that. Camera The camera in Eluga A3 Pro is a 13MP shooter with dual LED dual tone flash and at the front, it got the 8 MP shooter. Source:

Dobama Theatre's 'Brownsville Song (B-side for Tray)' sees us through the sadness of raging gun violence (review) -

org or call 216-932-3396. Approximate running time: 95 minutes, with no intermission. In it, Tamir's mother Samaria recalls how her child had loved to mop. The choice by artistic director Nathan Motta to focus on the twin epidemics laying waste to our cities and robbing us of future generations isn't just bold - it's a way to combat our collective ennui. emptied of every thought but one. Directed by Jimmie Woody. The names blur from one story to the next, each body morphing into a statistic. A brick back wall, painted with a dark cityscape and the ghostly traces of old graffiti tags, dances and pulsates with colorful projections by T. Paul Lowry to a thumping soundtrack by Cyrus O. Taylor, an amalgam of jazz, rap and classical music. Today, according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, seven children and teens will die by gunfire. As Lena memorably puts it - "Aftermath is damn boring and grief is a tedious mutha------. In Langford's mouth, the words - poetic and raw all at once - detonate like tiny aortic bombs. "He was goin' to college this fall," Lena says. Though "Brownsville Song" is tinged with sorrow, it does not wallow. The play travels from past to present and back again. (I can't remember the last time an opening monologue brought me to tears. Much of the credit goes to Langford, who is so entirely present in the role, so connected to the young actors with whom she shares the stage, that you begin to wish she was your Grams, too. Death plays tricks with your head. (The reason Dad is absent is a story best left to unravel in the theater. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They remind me of a monologue in last summer's "Objectively/Reasonable," the verbatim theater piece written and produced by Playwrights Local about the community reaction to the police shooting of Tamir Rice. Little, a senior at the Cleveland School of the Arts, a springy mop of dreds hiding his eyes, is a real charmer. "He was not the same old story," says Lena. What if we thought of each one of them as a specific person, a kid with a personality. We learn he is dead in the early beats of the powerful production (the first of the season for Dobama Theatre) from his grandmother, Lena. He's all outward energy - he runs on "high" all the time - and Woody doesn't dial him down, a choice that saps some of the quieter, more intimate scenes of their realness. We see Lena catch her breath as she notices that Devine has set the table with three plates, though now, they are only two. " (Devine has been tasked with playing a tree in a fourth-grade production of the Tchaikovsky classic. What: A Dobama Theatre production of the play by Kimber Lee. There are days when the loss is momentarily forgotten, and you find yourself reaching for the phone to hear the voice, or absently setting the extra place setting. Under the direction of Jimmie Woody, the actors seem to be members of a real family, bonds that provide the play with the emotional charge it needs to sustain us through the sadness. Their link is so efficiently established that when it is broken, you mourn not just for Devine, the fictional little girl left behind, but for all the kid sisters left without a hand to hold on the way home from school. Not so simple is the grief that follows for those who loved him - Lena, of course, the woman who raised him, and little sister Devine (the adorable but never saccharine 9-year-old Logan Dior Williams, all skinny legs and giant glasses). Played by a fierce Lisa Louise Langford, she is a woman desperate to communicate that the murder of her 18-year-old grandson isn't "the Same Old Story. Would a more mature actor have been able to ride the waves and troughs of Tray's mercurial feelings with more nuance. (Thankfully, the playwright is gentle with us, allowing us to hear about Tray's last moments rather than experience them. Lucky for the rest of us, who read about boys like Tray dying on our streets in headlines, or catch a glimpse of their weeping relatives on TV, we don't have to hang around to deal with that awful tedium. Laura Carlson Tarantowski's knockout set captures the vibrancy, the aliveness of Tray's neighborhood - yes, it's a dangerous place, but it can also be a bumping party, too. The plot receives a welcome thickening with the appearance of Merrell, Tray's stepmom and Devine's biological mom (Cindy Chang, skillfully channeling a hot mess of a woman who may or may not be on the mend. Brownsville Song (B-side for Tray). In a joyful, wordless scene, Devine and Tray choreograph their own moves to a hip-hop "Swan Lake. But here's the tradeoff: Little's supernova quality works best when he's paired with Williams as Tray's pint-sized sis Devine. "Brownsville Song (B-side for Tray)" is out to change the way we think about the casualties of urban warfare. In our America, he could have been gunned down anywhere, but in Kimber Lee's ripped-from-the-headlines heartbreaker, Tray is killed in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Another achievement: The actors playing the kids are actually the age of kids they're playing, a rare and risky move on Woody's part. CLEVELAND, Ohio - The premise of "Brownsville Song (B-side for Tray)" is the senseless death of a teen full of life and promise. Just as Dobama's June offering, "How to be a Respectable Junkie," showed us the human face of the opioid crisis, "Brownsville Song (B-side for Tray)" humanizes victims of gun violence. In some scenes, Tray, played by 17-year-old Jabri Little, who seems powered by an inexhaustible lithium-ion battery, is marvelously alive, working Lena's last nerve making fun of her cooking skills or slacking on homework to hit the gym. Merrell, now out of rehab, wants to reconnect with Tray and Devine, not through an unforgiving Lena, who insists the children have nothing to do with her, but through the big-hearted Tray. Source:

MXA LOG BOOK: SECRETS OF THE 2017-'18 KTM 450SXF - Motocross Action Magazine (satire) (press release) (blog)

MXA swaps the position of the kill button and multi-switch. When they do that, the new springs break. Additionally, the air pressure goes up as the ambient temperature rises. LAUNCH CONTROL TRICKS. Some test riders complained that their boots caught on the edge of the guards, while others think that the guards move their feet out too far. The closest Japanese-built 450 is 9 pounds heavier and several are 16 or more pounds heavier. If it doesn’t start in a few seconds, stop, wait and press the button again. If this isn’t the cause, the next place to look is behind the front number plate. In these cases, just reset the air pressure to your chosen setting between motos. (2) Then, we drop the shock down through the opening in the swingarm as far as it will go before the piggyback reservoir hits. FOOTPEG SPRING BREAKAGE. (1) We swing the shock linkage rearward by removing the bolts on the front of the link arm. If it faces outward, you can hit it with your boot and unhook the spring. We use a zip-tie on the fork leg to see how much travel we are getting. They can be accessed via the quick-release fitting on the fuel line. Additionally, we have noticed improved throttle response by removing the wire backfire screen. We prefer the spring models, but they weigh 3 pounds more. It should be noted that if you ride long motos, the air pressure will rise by 4 psi because of internal friction. Even if you own a #20 Torx wrench, never use it on the aluminum air-bleed screw. (3) Once the shock is moved down, we rotate it clockwise and pull it out through the rubber mud flap. We would prefer more room between the brake line and the bars to lessen the chance of damage. Conversely, the smaller 36. 5mm gray reel opens slower for more controlled power delivery. Cut it to the length of the brake spring’s coils. Thus, if you are heavier than 190 pounds or faster than the average rider, you might be a candidate for the 48 N/m spring. HOW TO TIGHTEN THE BAR MOUNTS. The same holds true for the KTM airbox, albeit to a lesser degree. Once you fix the wire, your bike will start like a champ. We also crimp the tangs once they are turned around to make them fit tight to the pedal. BRAKE-PEDAL SPRING. 5mm black reel is the quick-turn throttle. Once you find the right air pressure for you, use the clickers to dial in the feel. KTM claims that the sprocket bolts are prone to loosening if the chain is too tight. The relay slip-fits onto a tang inside the airbox with a rubber strap, but because it slides on from the bottom up, it can fall off. KTM’s Belleville washer-operated diaphragm clutch is a thing of beauty. You can’t take the pipe off the bike without removing the shock. The larger the diameter of the reel, the less the rider has to twist the grip to open the throttle body’s butterfly all the way. We lower the air pressure until we have 1. 5 inches of travel left to the zip-tie. The bolts that go downward through the bottom handlebar mount and triple clamp are not indexed to lock in place. When launch control is engaged, the EFI light, behind the front number plate, will flash rapidly. We love how well the KTM shifts from gear to gear but hate how hard it is to get it into neutral when standing still. On the left non-air fork cap, you have to use the #20 Torx, but at least this screw is made from steel. launch control will only stay engaged for three minutes or until you rev the engine and then let the rpm fall off 30 percent or more. Typically, the AER forks ride high in their stroke with the stock air pressure. The 2016 450SXF had the flick-style selector switch that toggled back and forth between two maps (and launch control). If your bike is sluggish to start, check the fuel filter first. Given an unlimited budget, most MXA test riders choose to run WP’s aftermarket Cone Valve forks. Always check to make sure the fuel-pump relay is securely mounted. And, you have to turn the bike off to re-engage launch control. Be very careful when hooking tie-downs onto your handlebars that they don’t crimp the L-bend tube coming out of the front brake’s master cylinder. KTM has awesome wheel spacers. Whatever you do, don’t push the starter button and hold it in hopes of the bike starting. The air side of the WP AER forks is bled with either a #20 Torx wrench or a 10mm T-handle. Don’t be afraid to go down on the air pressure just because the manual says to run 156 psi. We typically start with the OEM-recommended air pressure and then lower it in 2-psi increments. KTM WHEEL-SPACER MAINTENANCE. There is a caveat to KTM wheel spacers. These rubber bumpers take the shock loads out of the clutch when the rear wheel is jolted in whoops, in jump landings or by errant shifts. To truly tighten the bar mounts, you need to hold them securely from above. We touch the starter button enough to activate the fuel pump but not enough to get the bike to turn over. The tang of the spring must hook in the frame cavity above the footpeg (see above). We lower the air pressure to the point where the forks are almost getting full travel. For motocross bikes, lithium-iron phosphate is a better choice because it has a longer calendar life, quicker recharge rate, higher peak-power rating and costs less. On the 450SXF, the gray reel is installed at the factory while the black reel is in the parts briefcase. KTM 450SXF WP SHOCK SETTINGS. The fork-bleed screws on the 2017–’18 KTM 450SXF are a mismatched combination. Your KTM 450SXF comes with a spare throttle cam. Luckily, aftermarket pipes don’t need to have the shock removed because they come with a slip-fit in the mid-pipe. KTM warns against hitting it with a hammer and a punch, but we really want to hit it with something. KTM 450SXF AER FORK SETTINGS. We don’t know if this is the ultimate solution, but we haven’t broken any brake-pedal springs since encasing them in rubber. To avoid this problem, we run brake-pedal springs with rubber sleeves over the coils. Believe it or not, you can’t remove the exhaust pipe until you remove the rear shock. Thus, if you try to tighten the bar mounts by turning the 17mm nuts underneath them, the bolts will spin. KTM installs inline fuel filters in its gas lines. One important caveat: be very careful to make sure that the fuel line’s quick-release fitting clicks back together completely. Spring rate: 135 psi (Novice), 145 psi (Intermediate), 150 psi (Expert). We don’t want them to bottom completely, but we also don’t want them to feel like they are dropping into their stroke. Unfortunately, this is a difficult job, so you might just want to order the KTM two-stroke air-filter cage (it doesn’t have a backfire screen). WP Cone Valve forks come in both AER air and coil spring versions. This is a major hassle because the KTM shock is not the easiest part to remove from the bike. On the left side we replaced the #20 Torx with the Phillips head screws from a previous-model KTM 4CS fork. In this case, when you try to get the wheel spacers off the wheel, the bearing and seal will come out also. Many racers felt that the 2016 rear brake pads were too grabby, so the 2017–’18 brake pads are less aggressive. KTM’s launch control is at its best on concrete or rock-hard dirt starts. (3) While holding the #45 Torx bolt tight, turn the 17mm nut to tighten the bar mounts. They are, in fact, LiFePO4 batteries. The most common cause of this wire failure is the wire getting hooked on a tie-down or not being routed so that it can move freely when the bars turn. Once you separate the fuel lines, you can flick the small nylon fuel filter out and check it for debris. KTM’s launch control disengages as soon as you chop the throttle for the first turn. MXA doesn’t drill holes in the KTM airbox, but we cut off the deflector wall on the inner surface of the airbox cover to improve airflow. When the bike is sitting on a bike stand, the front wheel is on the ground. Grinding away with the starter motor is a surefire way to end up with a dead battery. The 2017–’18 KTM 450SXF comes with a 45 N/m shock spring. (2) Since the wheel spacers run against the seal, they need a dab of grease to keep the spacers from wearing away the rubber on the seals. Launch control works best with a steady throttle, not by twisting the throttle when the gate drops. KTM offers a black throttle-cam reel and a gray reel. The more expensive lithium cobalt-oxide batteries are used in computers, cameras and phones. Everybody knows that the KTM 450SXF’s twin, the Husqvarna FC450, can get better throttle response and increased power if you drill holes to allow more air into the Husky’s plastoc airbox. The MXA wrecking crew has broken a lot of KTM rear brake-pedal springs. Most MXA test riders prefer to run the black quick-turn reel in place of the stock gray reel in the 450SXF. There are MXA test riders who engage KTM’s launch control and hold the throttle wide open before releasing the clutch. The trick to getting the most from your AER air forks is to find the proper air pressure for your weight, speed and track. Since iron-phosphate batteries get stronger as they get warmer, your bike will start quicker on a cold day with the extra voltage. In its place for 2017–’18 is a multi-switch on the left side of the bars that toggles between two maps, launch control and traction control. For some reason KTM puts the Map/Traction Control multi-switch next to the left grip with the kill button mounted inboard (on the inboard side of the clutch perch). Behind the plate there is a white plastic fitting that the starter button wiring connects to. Follow your starter button wire to the fitting. Although the manufacturers like to say that their electric-start bikes have lithium-ion batteries, that isn’t completely accurate. (2) Given that the KTM 450SXF clutch has a one-piece CNC-machined steel basket, which no aftermarket company wants to try to duplicate, we do the next best thing and run a Hinson inner hub and pressure plate (along with a stiffer Hinson Belleville... There is a trick to helping any LiFePO4 battery generate enough cranking power to start your KTM in cold weather. Here are the steps: (1) With the bars removed, reinstall the one-piece top clamp to keep the bottom bar mounts aligned. (2) Through the hole in the one-piece top bar clamp, insert a #45 Torx wrench into the bar-mount bolt. The best strategy is to do all your blipping and burning out well before the start and then press the Map button and Traction Control button at the same time to activate launch control. Turn your rear brake pedal spring around so that the tang on the spring closest to your foot faces inward. If you engage launch control on the starting line and then blip the throttle or do a burn-out, you will no longer be in launch control. The wheel spacers need to be greased for two reasons: (1) Because the wheel spacers live in the dirtiest place on a motocross bike, they can seize to the bearing and wheel. If you’ve ever had a KTM brake-pedal spring disappear, it is because the spring was on upside down. LiFePO4 stands for lithium (Li), ferrous (Fe) and phosphate (PO). Once we redefine ferrous as “iron,” you have what is known as a lithium-iron phosphate battery. To check if your footpeg springs are installed correctly, peel back the plastic frame guard and look at where the footpeg spring hooks to the frame. If you suffered broken footpeg springs, it is because you or your KTM dealer put the footpeg springs on wrong. Many KTM dealers have been installing the 2017–’18 footpeg springs the same way they did the 2016 footpeg springs. Many riders have broken 2017 KTM footpeg springs, but it is not the fault of the footpeg springs. We run the 2016 one-piece bottom bar mount witht he 2017-’18 one-piece top mount. If your KTM 450SXF suddenly won’t start, even though it started earlier in the day, you should check to make sure that the battery isn’t dead. It is possible to increase the voltage output of an iron-phosphate battery by warming it up. How do you warm up a battery. This makes older KTM wheels compatible as spare wheels on new-model KTMs (and vice versa). The 2017 KTM 450SXF hits the scale at 222 pounds and the 2018 weighs 223 (thanks to the larger battery and its new tray). Unlike on a lot of motocross bikes, KTM’s wheel spacers run on the bearings, which means that the front and rear wheels can accept different axle sizes just by changing the wheel spacers. For 2017–’18 the bottom bar mounts are now two separate pieces while the top bar mount is one piece. For 2017–’18 the bottom bar mounts are now two separate pieces while the top bar mount is one piece. Don’t confuse a lithium-iron phosphate battery with a lithium cobalt-oxide battery. This is a big improvement over the 48 N/m shock spring from 2016. however, shock springs come in different spring rates to meet the weight, speed and track demands of individual riders. In 2016 the handlebars were mounted to a one-piece-lower bar mount with two separate top bar mount clamps. In 2016 the bars were mounted to a one-piece lower bar mount with two separate top bar-mount clamps. Source:


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