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My old battery hook on car radio

Hi i have this old battery from my moped (Tomos) en still works fine . so connect to a car radio for some music.

Restoring an old 20's portable battery radio.

This old radio is the type that was carried to the park or the beach back in the 1920's. It is self contained and uses a loop antenna so no long wire is necessary.

Handheld Radio Battery Fix

This is a simple fix for all most anything that has a on board battery pack.

How to connect car radio at home (directly to the battery)

This video is for ISO 10487 connectors.

Crystal Radio - No Batteries, No External Power

DIY step by step on how to make it. No special tools or skills needed.

Honda car radio drains battery fix one simple fix two complicated

So with the fix one, it will get you to work and back each day with no battery drain, Fix two is more complicated but you can use the radio and CD player.

Philips AE2160 mains/ battery portable AM/ FM radio.

The Philips AE2160 portable radio operates off the mains supply.

Replica Eveready #467 B Battery for Portable Tube Radio Sets

This replica B battery package design is made from cereal box cardboard, Elmer's glue, clear Scotch tape, and paper.

Early '40's Silvertone battery operated tube radio and battery pack

The typical battery operated radio ran on.

Electro battery eliminator for a farm style tube radio

Prior to the mid 1950's, there were many farms and rural areas in the USA that did not have electricity.

This Cellphone Doesn't Need a Battery to Run - SDPB Radio

“The cellphone is the device we depend on most today,” UW electrical engineering professor Joshua Smith said. Work has begun on giving the phone a low-power display and the ability to stream video. To say it’s a minimalist design is an understatement—the invention only makes calls, something less and less people use their smartphones for regularly. All the phone needs to run itself it can take from its own environment, using a solar cell the size of a grain of rice. That means no battery and no charging necessary. For some folks, their cellphone’s battery falling below 10 percent is cause for panic. But eliminating the need to convert speech into digital data to transmit it to the person on the other end of the call allows the tiny phone to operate on almost nothing. A battery-free future. The energy it does use (just a few microwatts) is captured from ambient light and radio waves. The team built their own base station for this purpose, but the researchers believe this technology could be integrated into cell towers or Wi-Fi routers. Scientists at the University of Washington have developed a cellphone that uses almost zero energy to make and receive calls. “You could imagine in the future that all cell towers or Wi-Fi routers could come with our base station technology embedded in it,” researcher Vamsi Talla said. The phone, made from commercially available materials and a 3-D printed circuit board, makes its calls via Skype, which means it does need a Wi-Fi signal in order to work. The power that’s needed to convert sound to digital data has made it impossible to create a phone that runs on ambient energy, until now. “So if there were one device you’d want to be able to use without batteries, it is the cellphone. “To achieve the really, really low power consumption that you need to run a phone by harvesting energy from the environment, we had to fundamentally rethink how these devices are designed. But the technology—which the researchers say is the world’s first battery-free cellphone—could be a jumping-off point for more complex models to come. “And if every house has a Wi-Fi router in it, you could get battery-free cell phone coverage everywhere. Instead of converting sound to digital information, the device converts movement of a little antenna near the phone’s microphone into deviations in a standard analog radio signal emitted by a cellular base station. You can’t yet order up an Uber on the tiny device, but the battery-free technology might be the jumping-off point for more complex—and more versatile—technology to come, researchers think. “We’ve built what we believe is the first functioning cell phone that consumes almost zero power,” said Shyam Gollakota, an associate professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington and coauthor of the research behind... Source:

Oklahoma senator booked on sexual battery charge and resigns - WBAL Radio

She said during the ride, he grabbed her and kissed her neck and shoulder. Marlatt's two paragraph letter of resignation to Gov. "My service on behalf of the people of Northwest and the panhandle of Oklahoma has been the privilege of my career," the letter said, without addressing the allegations against him. Marlatt was removed as chairman of the Senate Energy Committee and vice chairman of two other Senate panels by Senate President Pro Tem Mike Schulz when the allegations surfaced in July. In court documents filed last Wednesday, an Oklahoma City police detective said the Uber driver told investigators that Marlatt stumbled into her car and commented on her appearance when she picked him up from the restaurant. Bryce Marlatt, 40, a Republican from the western Oklahoma city of Woodward, was booked into the Oklahoma County jail Tuesday morning and later released on a $5,000 bond. A married father of four, Marlatt was charged after the Uber driver told police he groped her after she picked him up from an Oklahoma City restaurant on June 26. Neither Marlatt, who previously said he was shocked by the allegations, nor his... OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- An Oklahoma state senator accused of grabbing an Uber driver's head and kissing her neck while she was driving him to a bar both resigned from office and was booked into jail Tuesday after being charged last week with felony... Source:

Tesla remotely expanded car batteries near Irma's path, and questions linger - Minnesota Public Radio News

"Maybe they notify the owner, but what about the owner's spouse, or child, or friend who borrows the car. When cars are remotely updated like a cellphone or other device — and without a customer's consent — problems can arise. But as Friedman notes, when your phone crashes, it usually has less disastrous consequences than your car crashing. This week, the site published a story about Tesla disabling AEB systems on recently manufactured cars — that had the feature as standard equipment when they were purchased. Friedman says he's not trying to criticize Tesla for helping its customers get out of the way of a deadly hurricane. Friedman says, "I do worry that some companies are being a little too cavalier when it comes to trying to apply the Silicon Valley software model to 2 tons of glass, metal and plastic that can cruise down the road at 70 miles an hour. More questions arise, Friedman says, when it comes to how companies communicate changes to a car's capabilities. After they're sold, Tesla cars stay in touch with the company's network — and the vehicles get a free software upgrade every few months. "This is a case where they gave consumers the ability to get greater range, but we also just heard this week that Tesla took away automatic emergency braking, at least temporarily, as a feature for some of the cars," Friedman says. The news prompted a number of questions, including: How can Tesla unilaterally (and remotely) boost battery power. Customers who bought the cars got them for a lower price, with an offer of paying to unlock the remaining battery power later. That's what NPR's Aarti Shahani found out in 2015 , when she reported on hackers who were able to infiltrate the cars' network (and shut a car down). Science writer Brian Fung of The Washington Post called the temporary battery boost "an example of the perks — and tyranny — of software in cars. The boost gave customers' cars an extra 30 to 40 miles, but it's also temporary: The batteries will lose their extra juice this weekend. In August, for instance, new Model S and Model X 75 kWh vehicles got an over-the-air update that increased not their batteries but their performance — allowing them to shave a full second of their zero-to-60 mph times. Tesla owners who were in Hurricane Irma's path in the Southeast recently got an unexpected boost to help them, after the car maker remotely upgraded vehicle batteries to their highest capacity. Still, Friedman says, "It's important for government to have a clear role in pushing automakers to provide consumers with clarity on what their cars can and can't do, and to not allow car companies to at a whim change the functionality of a... David Friedman, the director of cars and product policy and analysis at Consumers Union, says Tesla is "really a great example" of car makers that can give to customers with one hand, while they remove features with the other. In the battery-boost, the range of Tesla's Model S 60 was increased from 210 miles to 249 miles, for instance, and the Model X 60D could travel 237 miles on one charge, rather than its standard 200 miles. "Now Tesla has even facilitated travels for some of them as the automaker remotely unlocked the full battery pack capacity of Model S/X 60/60D vehicles with 75 kWh battery packs. The battery boost applies to Model S and Model X vehicles that were built and sold with 75kWh battery packs — but were software-limited to 60kWh or 70kWh capacities. Source:


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Powering Your Antique Battery Radio

Powering Your Antique Battery Radio. Many antique radios run on batteries. These include tube portables, such as the Zenith model K-401 shown below, and "farm" radios ...

West Mountain Radio - Computerized Battery Analyzer

The CBA is much more than a simple battery voltage tester or a battery load tester. Unlike a simple load tester the CBA will test virtually any type or size of ...

vintagetransistorradio vintageomscolitetransistorradio vintagetransistoramtableradio
Vintage Omscolite 7 Transistor Battery Powered Wood Table Radio, Made In Japan, Circa 1960s
Photo by France1978 on Flickr
vintagetransistorradio vintagegeneralelectrictransistorradio vintagegeneralelectricmodelt146atransistorradio transistorradio transistorradiocollection
Vintage General Electric 7-Transistor Cordless Table Radio, Model T-146A (Cocoa), AM Band, Battery-Powered, Made In USA, Circa 1959
The radio is in great condition and still plays well today.
Photo by France1978 on Flickr
vintagetransistorradio vintagesilvertonetransistorradio silvertonemodel19transistorradio
Vintage Silvertone 6-Transistor Cordless AM Band Table Radio, Model 19, Made In USA, Battery Power Only, Circa 1964
Sold by Sears, Roebuck & Company. This radio is brown with white trim. The label on the radio indicates Model 20 is Ivory colored, Model 21 is Coral colored and Model 22 is Ice Blue colored.
Photo by France1978 on Flickr