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After Irma, Florida prepares for days — and maybe weeks — without power - Washington Post

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said about half of the county’s traffic signals were out. But it makes them more susceptible to things like flooding and things like storm surge. “I can tell you from driving around you see lines down all over the place,” Albers said. Hurricane Irma spared one Florida coast and slammed into another. the mayor of Sandy Springs said a 55-year-old man was killed when a tree fell on the bedroom where he was sleeping. Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief said the number was closer to 45 percent of traffic signals there. Hurricane Irma’s impact, from the air: Florida Keys a bit battered but mostly spared. “People here are fragile,” Nelson said, adding that air-conditioning in such facilities is a medical necessity. “What you have on hand is rationed to make sure you can get through,” said Todd Palenchar, 48, noting that his supplies of food and water are designed to last for a week. “For a significant period of time, the entire state was under a hurricane warning,” Kury said. The deteriorating storm once known as Hurricane Irma — classified Tuesday as a post-tropical cyclone — grazed onward through the Mississippi Valley, losing essentially all of its prior strength but still drenching some areas with rainfall. He added: “If you’re in an area where your biggest risk to the infrastructure is storm surge and flooding, putting the lines underground can actually make them more susceptible to damage and not less. Across the southeast, even as people acknowledged that they had dodged the worst possible hit from Irma, they were still left to contend with destroyed homes, flooded cities, swollen rivers, canceled flights and debris in the streets. In Georgia, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said a 67-year-old woman was killed when a tree fell on her car. Charleston, S. C. , city officials said the intense flooding there on Monday closed more than 111 roads, most of which had reopened Tuesday. A 2012 report for the Edison Electric Institute, a trade association representing investor-owned electrical utilities, found that it can be five to 10 times more expensive to put lines underground — otherwise known as “undergrounding” — than to... While the Sunshine State was the hardest hit by the outages, they extended to the other states Irma raked as it headed north. “Normally it comes through, sometimes it comes through fast and sometimes it comes through slowly. Authorities said they were investigating several fatalities that came since the storm made landfall, though it was not clear how many were directly due to the storm. As Irma tore through the Caribbean and approached the Keys last week, authorities had ordered millions in Florida to evacuate and, in some cases, ordered them to hit the road again as the storm’s path wobbled. We have magnet door locks that don’t work, fire suppression equipment whose batteries have run out, assisted bed lifts that don’t work. The southwest Florida facility, Cape Coral Shores, had 20 patients stay during the storm as part of an agreement with state and local officials because the emergency shelters it would normally use were both evacuated as Irma approached. The Daytona Beach Fire Department said Wednesday morning that one person was dead and three others taken to a hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator inside a home, and the department urged people to keep their generators outside. “We just need power. We will be restoring power day and night. Utility companies made progress as they undertook a massive recovery effort, restoring power to some. That estimate does not include places with severe flooding or tornado damage, he said, and those areas could also face a longer wait to be able to switch on the lights. “We’ve run out of power before,” said Jeanne Isacco, 71, reaching for her walker to stand and punctuate her point. Hundreds of thousands lost power in the Carolinas, Alabama and Georgia, where at one point 800,000 were experiencing outages on Tuesday, though that number declined during the day. “You see trees thrown through power lines and you’ll see an occasional pole. [ Why Irma wasn’t far worse ]. In Key West, it remained unclear when power, cellphone service or supplies would be available again. The high number of outages across Florida were due largely to the storm’s massive size, said Ted Kury, director of energy studies for the Public Utility Research Center at the University of Florida. , outside Orlando, who police said was apparently electrocuted by a downed power line in a roadway. And other dangers also lurked: Officials warned of the risks posed by the generators people have used since the storm knocked out power. Kury was among those who did not lose power but did lose Internet, cable and cellphone service, so he and his wife had to walk to the next development before his wife got enough signal to text their oldest son and her parents. — Millions of Floridians grappled with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on Wednesday, confronting a sweltering reality: More than 40 percent of Florida still lacked electricity , and for some of them, the lights might not come back on for days or... Monroe County said in a statement that no assessments had been done yet determining the percentage of damage or the cost in the Keys, with Monroe County Commissioner Heather Carruthers saying in a statement: “Things look real damaged from the air,... But Hurricane as Irma moved in, they took shelter back at the hospital, knowing a power cut could endanger Lena's life (Whitney Shefte,Christopher Rish/The Washington Post) Floridians reacted to the outages eclectically. By early Wednesday, state officials gradually lowered the number of customers without power, dropping it to about 4. 4 million from 6. 5 million on Monday. “It’s kind of a misstatement when folks say undergrounding power lines protects them from damage,” Kury said. The biggest issue is power,” said Bill Barnett, mayor of Naples, on Florida’s Gulf Coast. A handful of small fans powered by a borrowed generator were all that kept the situation from devolving into a medical emergency, said Dan Nelson, Cape Coral Shores’ chief operating officer. The utilities also weigh issues such as how much cost they can pass on to their customers and the aesthetics of overhead wires, Kury said, noting that there is no uniform policy for power companies because diverse regions have different needs. At its peak, the Department of Homeland Security said about 15 million Floridians — an astonishing three out of four state residents — lacked power. [ Irma’s final danger: Flooding in the Southeast ]. Even for those who had power, some also were struggling to maintain cellphone service or Internet access, sending Floridians into tree-riddled streets in an effort to spot a few precious bars of... Here in Cape Coral, an assisted care facility for patients with dementia and memory impairment that sheltered in place during the storm went without power for three days, as elderly patients suffered in the rising heat. “There’s no power at home, so we might as well just stay here and stay cool,” Amanda Brack, who was with her son, Gavin, said while walking through a Brookstone at the Galleria shopping mall in Fort Lauderdale. In Monroe County, which includes the Florida Keys, and other places that let residents back, officials warned that many areas are still without power, cellphone reception is questionable and most gas stations remain shut. “It’s a lot of trees and power lines and snapped poles,” said Kate Albers, a spokeswoman for Collier County, which stretches across southwestern Florida and includes Marco Island, where Irma made her second landfall. Power at the facility went out, and it stayed out, even as homes and businesses all around it saw their lights come back on. As the indoor temperature climbed to the mid-80s Wednesday morning, humidity made the hard-surfaced floors slick with... Duke Energy Florida said it would restore power to most customers by Sunday, a week after Irma made its first landfall in Florida. “We understand what it means to be in the dark,” said Robert Gould, vice president and chief communications officer for Florida Power and Light (FPL), the state’s largest utility. [ Richard Branson urges “Marshall Plan" for Caribbean after Irma ]. Florida utility companies embarked upon a massive response effort to get the lights back on. Gould, the spokesman for FPL, said the company had dispatched 20,000 workers to work... Storms that rip down power lines are frequently followed by questions about why more power lines are not buried underground, away from punishing winds. Gould said that FPL, which powers about half of the state, expected customers on Florida’s East Coast to have power back by the end of the weekend. Because each power company account can represent multiple people, the sheer number of residents without electricity was massive: Going by the Homeland Security estimates, at one point Irma had knocked out power to one out of every 22 Americans. A state emergency official said Wednesday afternoon he had found a large generator and 50 gallons of gas for the facility, but there was no need: The power came back on. [ Most of Florida lost power in Hurricane Irma. Petersburg, where gas-powered generators had growled through the night, residents lit their way with battery-powered lanterns, flashlights and tea lights. Source:

Sugar Estate residents trapped without power, running water - Virgin Islands Daily News

The property is owned by a private company on the mainland, and residents receive Section 8 housing support. “We’re helping each other,” Allen said. Morris said he’s exhausted but has no choice but to keep going. “I have to do it, I have to take care of my people,” Morris said. “Every morning I go to get something, they send me back,” Morris said. Allen said she’s out of food and has no way to refrigerate the insulin she takes twice a day. Morris said he was hoping to get a shipment of diesel for the generator Tuesday, and Sen. “Anything is a help, I won’t send nothing back through the door, this is the time I accept everything,” Morris said. “We need help,” Morris said. Morris and his wife Rhea live and work on the property, and have been doing everything they can to get residents what they need. Morris said the building is run by a private mainland company, and in the meantime, they’re trying to make do as best they can. Despite the lack of power, the building itself withstood the hurricane remarkably well. Without a curfew pass, Morris said it’s been nearly impossible to leave the complex and seek supplies, given the midday gridlock when the curfew is lifted from noon to 6 p. m. Still, he’s been trying, but police have stopped him from being on the... One building has six floors and the other has five, and without power to the elevators, residents with limited mobility have been unable to leave. A generator is powering common areas but does not provide electricity for individual units, which are only equipped with electronic microwaves and stoves, so residents have been unable to cook. Maintenance supervisor Dennis Morris has been working nonstop to keep the 80-unit complex running and make sure residents are safe and cared for, but he said Tuesday that there is a dire need for assistance. The units also have no running water, so twice a day at around 10 a. m. and 4 p. m. , Morris has been hauling buckets of water from the cistern and carrying it upstairs to each of the 80 units so residents can bathe and flush their toilets. The grill needs more propane gas, residents are running out of food, and Morris said he’s welcoming any and all donations of food and supplies, including cleaning and hygiene items. The grill needs more propane gas, residents are running out of food, and Morris said he’s welcoming any and all donations of food and supplies, including cleaning and hygiene items. Red Cross volunteers returned Tuesday morning and said they would be back with food and more water, and Allen said residents are hopeful the supplies will arrive soon. She doesn’t drive and has no way to get to her eye doctor in Nisky Center, and many residents – despite being within sight of Schneider Hospital – are in need of medical care but have no way to access it. The Red Cross first checked on the... THOMAS — About 100 residents of the Sugar Estate senior housing community in Estate Thomas are in desperate need of donations and volunteer help, as residents have been without electricity or running water in their units since Hurricane Irma hit. Morris said he’s also in desperate need of volunteers to help cook for the residents, and to haul water twice a day at around 10 a. m. and 4 p. m. Anyone looking to help can show up at the complex, which is a yellow and white building located... Dennis Morris, maintenance supervisor for Sugar Estate senior residence, shows the grill and make-shift kitchen he and his wife have set up to feed about 100 residents while they wait for power to be restored. Dennis Morris, maintenance supervisor for Sugar Estate senior residence, shows the grill and make-shift kitchen he and his wife have set up to feed about 100 residents while they wait for power to be restored. Some have families on island that have been bringing them what supplies they can, but most are relying on the help and kindness of Morris and fellow residents like Vivian Allen, 72. Allen was one of the complex’s first residents when it opened in... Resident Victor Joseph, 67, said he’s long complained to management that the generator should power individual units as well as common spaces, and was upset that residents are having to struggle through without power and running water. Beyond food and water, Allen said many residents are in desperate need of cleaning supplies like Clorox and Pine Sol, deodorant, toilet paper, wipes, soap, toiletries, all different sizes of batteries, including C-cells so residents can power... Source:

2-pack of battery powered LED string lights with remote - Boing Boing

Two 20-foot strands (60 LEDs per strand) cost $12. They don't get ruined by sprinkler water, and you don't need an extension cord. I bought these LED string lights for a friend who has been stringing up little incandescent A/C powered plugs on her backyard terrace. Source:


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