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Asus X553M Unboxing

Unboxing of the Asus X553M Laptop.

RAM upgrade Asus X553 X553M laptop

This laptop comes with 4gB of RAM and is capable of 8gB but unlike most laptops, the RAM slot (only 1) in this model is underneath the motherboard.

ASUS X553MA Laptop Review

com/ Nicolas11x12 reviewing the ASUS X553MA Laptop.

ASUS X553M disassembly + "magic fix"

ASUS X553M "magic fix" or how sometimes things fix themselves once taken apart and reassembled :D.

ASUS X553M Laptop Review


Asus x553m dead, no power or charging

Asus x553m dead, no power or charging, bios software issue, a very easy motherboard repair :)

Asus X553M X553MA, X553S, X553SA disassembly and fan cleaning, как разобрать и почистить ноутбук

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Asus X553m

Asus X553m.

[FIX] Asus D550 / X553m / R554 Not turning on or Charging

Asus laptop not turning on. Not charging.

How to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode - Tech Advisor

Choose Troubleshoot and then Advanced options , Startup settings , Restart. If that’s the case, then Windows 10 should automatically start in the recovery environment with a message similar to ‘Recovery. This will change from the default X drive to your Windows drive. If you're not prompted manually restart the PC and you will now be out of Safe Mode. There is also an even easier way: at the Windows login screen, simply choose restart and hold down the Shift key. Choose the Troubleshoot option, then Advanced options, then Command Prompt. Then hold down the Shift key and you will be taken to the window via which you can choose Safe Mode. Alternatively if it doesn't show up, click the Windows Key + R, or finding Run in your Start Menu and then type msconfig in the Run search box and hit enter. Failing this, you can use another computer to download and create a bootable Windows 10 flash drive and use that to try to fix whatever is causing your boot problem. Click Ok, then click Restart to boot your computer into Safe Mode. You will arrive at the windows with options to troubleshoot your system from which you can select to boot in Safe Mode. Of course most people who need Safe Mode will already have a problem with their PC. If you are already logged in and can see only a black screen, hit CTRL, ALT, DEL to bring up the selection screen, and choose logout, restart. Unlike previous versions of Windows (XP, Vista and 7), you can’t just hit F8 when your PC is booting to see the advanced startup options, such as Safe Mode. On this screen (pictured below), you can check a box to enable Safe boot, with various different types of Safe Mode available below. Once you have msconfig open, navigate to the Boot tab at the top and untick Safe boot under Boot options. It all changed with Windows 8 and 10, but here we explain what you need to do and how to get back that old boot options screen by pressing F8. When your PC has shut down incorrectly or refuses to boot up properly, Safe Mode is your friend. When you next boot your PC, you can press F8 to get the Advanced Boot Options menu you once had in Windows 7. Just use the cursor keys to select the mode you want and press Enter. How to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode If you’re able to boot into Windows, it’s a simple case of going to the Start menu, clicking Settings near the bottom, then on Update and Security. Safe Mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers - no programs start automatically with Safe Mode, and your PC or laptop won't connect to the network so an infection is unlikely to get worse. Then pick from the list, in which Safe Mode should be no. 4. Follow on-screen troubleshoot messages If you need Safe Mode or another advanced startup option, you’ve probably got a problem which is preventing Windows from booting in the first place. How to get out of Safe Mode in Windows 10 To exit Safe Mode in Windows 10, you'll need to enter msconfig. How to get the old Advanced Boot Options in Windows 10 First, create the Windows 10 bootable USB flash drive or DVD mentioned in method 1. Boot from it (change your BIOS boot device settings if necessary) and then click through the initial... Other ways to boot into Safe Mode in Windows If you're able to boot Windows normally but still need to enter Safe Mode, you can skip the rather convoluted previous method by going to the Start screen and typing msconfig (this also works in Windows... Source:

Asus X553MA review - Expert Reviews

On the right-hand side you’ll find the DVD-writer and nothing else. There’s also a Gigabit Ethernet port and HDMI and VGA connections for an external display, an SDXC card reader and a headset jack. Things start of promisingly from the outside, with the laptop's lid finished with a concentric patterned texture that feels pleasant to the touch and catches the light in an attractive way. Backlighting was also uneven with some backlight bleed noticeable at the bottom of the screen. In our battery tests, the system lasted 4h 32m, which isn't terrible although we'd like to see a bit more. In our subjective tests the X553MA performed poorly, however. You’ll get by with using the X553MA for web browsing, some work and watching movies but not much else. Striking any of the centre keys causes the plastic chassis to cave so far inwards that it makes typing difficult. Colours in our test images lacked saturation and everything appeared washed out and lacking in contrast. We would have preferred to see at least three ports for a laptop of this size. The keyboard also has a skinny numeric keypad, which has tightly packed keys, making them cramped and difficult to use. This is the same score we have seen with tablets running Windows 8. 1 so it's rather disappointing for a laptop. The X553MA's screen has a 1,366x768 resolution display, which is common on budget laptops. It's a neat addition and makes navigating Windows that little bit easier and is a useful inclusion. With its flexible chassis, poor display and slow performance, the X553MA isn't a great choice despite its low price. The flexing chassis also makes the keys incredibly springy and increases the travel of the keys by a few millimetres in an awkward manner. Viewing angles were also lacklustre, with a noticeable colour shift as you move your viewing angle from straight on to the side of the screen. We found the touchpad suitably responsive and the gestures worked well and we particularly liked the three-finger swipes for navigating pages, returning to the desktop and seeing running applications. As all of the connection ports are located on the left-hand side, it is left feeling a little cramped. At less than £300, the Asus X553MA is extremely cheap for a 15. 6in laptop. As it is, this really isn’t a keyboard geared towards anyone looking to touch type at a decent speed and isn’t very comfortable to use. There’s a 750GB hard disk with a 5,400RPM spin speed, which should be sufficient for your applications and media, however we found its performance a little slow when searching for files in Windows Explorer and installing applications. There’s only one USB3 and one USB2 connection, meaning you might quickly run out of ports or find yourself having to swap out external storage or devices regularly. The X553MA supports Asus’ Smart Gesture for its touchpad, this lets you interact with Windows 8. 1 through one, two and three-finger gestures, such as for scrolling and zooming. Source:

Tech Note: How To Install Linux On A Laptop With UEFI - ScienceBlogs (blog)

) Follow the instructions exactly, including opening a terminal window and typing (because copy & paste doesn’t work) four long arcane linux commands that they show you, where the distinction between one hyphen and two hyphens makes a difference. Under the Boot menu, enable Launch CSM – if you can. On another machine that isn’t currently autistic, download an. ISO file of the Ubuntu Boot-Repair CD and burn it to a disc. You have to reboot with Secure Boot disabled to change the CSM setting. All this on an Asus laptop. ) Save the BIOS parameters, re-start and go back into BIOS setup. Here’s what I did to get an apparently problem-free install of Linux Mint 15 to actually boot when I turn on my laptop. The above steps worked to get Linux Mint 14, the second-newest version of that linux distro, up and running. If the help in setup doesn’t fully explain this, you might want to report a bug back to Asus. Under the Security menu, disable Secure Boot Control. This creates a functioning GRUB menu that will show up on re-boot and send you straight into Linux Mint 15. Disconnect DVD drive, reboot. In order to make the menu item accessible, I had to save the BIOS parameters, re-start and go back into BIOS setup. But then I ran into a bug in the installation software for Linux Mint 15. It installed without a hitch but then would not boot. CSM can’t be enabled unless Secure Boot is disabled, since CSM opens a security hole for unsigned 16-bit code. Here’s what I did to replace Windows 8 (boo) with Linux Mint (yay) on a 2013 Asus ultrabook with the problematic UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) firmware, using an external DVD drive linked to the machine with a USB cable. Under the Boot menu, disable Fast Boot. ) Boot the afflicted machine from the Boot-Repair CD and select “Recommended repair”. Under the Boot menu, Add New Boot Option and make your DVD drive boot option #1. My drive is named “HL-DT-STVRAM GPZON AP00”. Boot the install DVD you made and install Linux. Source:

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    At less than £300, the Asus X553MA is extremely cheap for a 15.6in laptop. Far from being the bargain of the year, it's a little disappointing. Things start of promisingly from the outside, with the laptop's lid finished with a concentric patterned

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