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All the new products Apple announced today — including the 'iPhone X'

Apple revealed the iPhone X today, 10 years after the release of the first iPhone.


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Top 10 Greatest Apple Products

These Apple innovations prove that thinking different goes a long way.

Apple Experiment: Spending $2000...

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Apple Launch Event 2017 LIVE NOW- Presentation iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus HD

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Are Apple Products slowly getting Cheaper?

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5 Apple Products You Didn't Know Existed Part I

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Apple unveils new products including the $1000 iPhone X | Apple Stock Reaction

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Apple unveils new products, including the $1000 iPhone X - Washington Post

The phones will also accommodate wireless charging, a feature available on competing phones. The Watch will be able to receive calls — using your iPhone’s number — and can support apps including Maps and WeChat. The iPhone X has an advanced array of cameras for facial recognition, which allows the phone to become unlocked just by looking at it. The cameras can learn a user's face and note gradual changes. But Apple promised that it would not collect the data on all of those faces. The information would only be kept on the smartphone, not sent to Apple servers. Apple's stock fell as much as 2. 5 percent during the event before closing down by just 0. 40 percent to $160. 86. Apple introduced "animoji" — animated emoji that imitates your facial movements and lets you record animated messages through texts. ‘The key question now is how much it will prioritize software and services as the engine of future growth," he said, adding that that could help reinforce Apple's successful hardware business. “However, coupled with iOS 11 innovations, it will reinforce consumers’ and brands’ loyalty to the Apple ecosystem as well as illustrate the evolving role of smartphones in an increasingly connected world. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have glass backs, with an aluminum trim that comes in black, gray and gold. Versions of films and shows filmed in 4K will cost the same as HD videos on Apple’s iTunes store. The new Apple TV 4K will go on sale Sept. The bar for the new phone was very high for Apple. “The iPhone X will not disrupt the smartphone market the way the initial iPhone revolutionized mobile and many other industries,” said Thomas Husson, vice president and analyst at Forrester. For example, Apple skipped the iPhone 7s name altogether — signaling a cleaner break from the last generation of phones. Overall, while analysts said this doesn’t feel as significant as the first iPhone, Apple did enough to prove it’s headed in the right direction. The company is also adding live news and live sports sections to the Apple TV app. While Apple took time to celebrate the iPhone’s history and its late co-founder Steve Jobs, it also made clear that it’s forging a new path ahead. Unlike its cheaper sibling, the iPhone 10 comes in space grey and silver and sports a "super" retina display, which Schiller said was much sharper than any other iPhone because it uses OLED display technology. Apple announced other upgrades and new additions to its products line. “Apple laid out a very competitive set of products as it celebrated the iPhone's 10th anniversary,” said Geoff Blaber, research vice president at CCS Insights. Apple is bumping up the base storage of the iPhone 8 to 64 GB at a price of $699. The larger iPhone 8 Plus will start at $799. Both will be available for order on Sept. Apple chief executive Tim Cook said that the iPhone X — a name spoken as the “iPhone 10”— will “set the path for technology for the next decade. The iPhone X boasts updated cameras as well, and the battery life is two hours longer than the iPhone 7. Like the new iPhone 8, the iPhone X can be charged wirelessly. Yet while Apple touted the features of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, it was the iPhone X that stole the show. The Apple set-top box, Apple TV, is now going to support 4K HDR video the company said. The new Apple Watch will also be compatible with Apple Music, meaning you can use it as a music player on its own. Apple's head of marketing Phil Schiller said Apple and others will make charging pad which will appear at partner coffee shops and retail stores, and in some new cars. — Apple unveiled three new additions to its smartphone lineup Tuesday, including a $999 premium version — a phone that hints at where Apple plans to take the iPhone into its next decade. 22, the cellular version of the Watch will go on sale for $399. Without cellular connection, it will cost $329. The Series 1 Apple Watch’s price will drop to $249. Apple is also making a big push to create its own shows and shore up its position... The new Watch, called the Series 3, will have its own cellular connectivity, said Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, who is also in charge of Apple’s Watch division. Source:

It's not hard to beat Rolex, Apple - TechCrunch

All you have to do is produce a better, cheaper product that millions of people will want to use. Even if the average Rolex is $8,000 that still means Rolex sold about 500,000 pieces. This means that Rolex is at once not selling many pieces compared to any popular smartwatch but is still selling more than enough to not rate as luxuriously unattainable. Except for a few very specific and very expensive pieces, most luxury watches priced at $2,000 or above are commodity products. But the watch industry dealt itself a terrible blow by first ignoring the quartz watch back in the 1970s and now ham-handedly launching smartwatches with the same grace and poise as a panicked kiosk owner trying to sell the last of his umbrellas... While luxury watch makers want us to think that their products are sought after and difficult to find – even to the point of creating false scarcity in some models – it’s clear that these companies are still in the business of selling as many... Source:

Apple Is Building “Town Squares” Now, Because Somebody Has To - Slate Magazine

As understaffed public bathrooms deteriorated and closed, Starbucks became the de facto place to go in many cities. When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013, the Atlantic ’s James Fallows wrote : “let us hope that this is what the sale signifies: the beginning of a phase in which this Gilded Age’s major beneficiaries re-invest in the... “We call them town squares, because they’re gathering places for the 500 million people who visit us every year. But there is a difference between undertaking that role with corporate profit and doing so for corporate profit. Places where everyone’s welcome, and where all of Apple comes together. If we didn’t have an Apple plaza, where would we sit. That Apple is repurposing the District’s old Carnegie Library does not make the comparison more flattering for the company. Apple’s “town squares” and Google’s citywide internet should not be mistaken for philanthropic ventures. And, he adds, Apple’s aspiration towards public-interest placemaking—like Amazon’s—also make it a better candidate for tax breaks. As the dream of a free public education recedes, Apple teaches people how to do stuff for free. But the idea is of a piece with retail trends, and has long been evident in Apple’s preference for doing business in grand, pseudo-public spaces: an old post office, a train station. Long before Apple, malls claimed to be the new town squares, and have tried to develop cultural functions to differentiate themselves in a declining retail landscape. ” Apple’s other language strives toward the claim, with “plazas” and “forums” to complement the sale of the new, $1,000 iPhone X. “’We’re going to open Apple town squares in cities around the world. At Tuesday’s Apple event in Cupertino, California, Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts revealed that the Apple Store has gone the way of the headphone jack. Source:


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